Wikki Bracelet
  1. Twist Wikkies: Twist 2 Wikki Stix together, leaving the top end open and untwisted (about 1 inch). Repeat with 2 additional Wikkies. Allow the other ends to be slightly untwisted as well. (See diagram).

  2. Connect Ends: Attach both halves of the bracelet together by pressing the smaller, untwisted ends together. Pinch ends together firmly so the Wikkies stay together and do not come apart. Then twist to add strength. You now have a very long twisted Wikki bracelet with two open ends that are untwisted.

  3. Place Bracelet on Wrist: Bend the Wikki bracelet into a circle shape as you wrap it around your wrist, with open ends at the top. Intertwine the open ends and press together while adjusting the size of your bracelet. (See diagram A and B). Twist them if you like...for added strength. You may need to ask for help since this will need to be done with one hand.

  4. Wikki Stix Bracelet: Your bracelet is finished! How does it look? Wikki bracelets are also fun to give to a friend!

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