As the hurried holiday pace gives way to the New Year, parents can rely on Wikki Stix to keep kids entertained, creating, and having FUN all winter long. The Wikki Stix Winter Landscape Art Creations are simple enough for even the youngest children to create on their own. Gather your own Wikki Stix and invite kids to play and create this winter!

Winter Landscape Art Creations for Kids!

Winter Landscape Art Creations for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • Wikki Stix (assorted colors)
  • Scissors
  • Colored or Plain Paper

Kids of all ages can create with Wikki Stix.  Set the supplies out on a table and invite kids to look out the window and create what they see.  Winter landscape art creations are only limited by the kids’ imaginations and what they envision or see outside.  Ask kids to try various windows in the house as each window will offer a different view or scene kids can reconstruct with Wikki Stix.  Older kids might wish to create a winter landscape constructed in their own imaginations, where younger kids might wish to create just one or two objects they see outside.

Remind kids there is no wrong or right way to design and play with Wikki Stix.  Each winter landscape art creation will be unique to the ages and abilities of the children creating.

Night Winter Landscape
Day Winter Landscape

In the photo above on the left, a 6-year-old child created a winter landscape with Wikki Stix at night. The child created the moon, a tree, snow falling, and a house. In the photo on the right, the same child created a daytime winter landscape complete with clouds, birds, a sunshine, and a Christmas tree in the window of the house.

Creating and having FUN isn’t complicated with Wikki Stix!  What kind of winter landscapes can your own kids create with Wikki Stix today?

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