What do you get when you mix four bored children with a box of Wikki Stix? You get Wikki Stix Wall People, of course! These four children decided to work as a team in order to create Wikki Stix characters on an entry-wall wall. The kids (in their own words) created a 5 year old boy, a 5 year old girl, a teenager, and a mom.

The children spent about an hour and a half on the project, each working on their own character while helping one another when needed.

They made up stories about the Wikki Stix People:

  • They named the five year old boy Jack and said, “He is very tall.”
  • They named the five year old girl Terrah and said “She has a heart and a cross over her head. The cross represents God.”
  • The mom character is “very happy.”
  • The teenage character has a bubble over his head and he is thinking, “Boy, these other kids have gotten so big!”

Next time your kiddos say, “I’m so bored!” pull out the Wikki Stix and let the creativity and storytelling begin.

Wikki Stix momWikki Stix girlWikki Stix teenager

Wikki Stix characters

Wikki Stix boy

Four kids decorating with Wikki Stix