Wikki Stix Ninja Turtles Crafts for Kids!
Since the arrival of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie this summer, kids are once again fascinated by TURTLES! If you have little fans at home, creating a turtle craft with Wikki Stix is not only FUN, but it captures the opportunity to add some color recognition activities into daily play!

Ninja Turtle Crafts for Kids


Materials needed: Green/White/Black Wikki Stix + Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix and scissors.

To create the basic turtle: invite the children to wrap Wikki Stix around itself beginning on one end to form a spiral. Have the children keep adding Wikki Stix around the basic spiral until the desired size of spiral is made. The basic turtles can be any size, but our kids used 5 green Wikki Stix for our turtles.

Have the children cut white Wikki Stix strands into four equal sections. Each of those sections will be used to create smaller spirals for the turtle’s eyes. Our kids added small black Wikki Stix balls for the iris. Set the eyes aside until the “masks” for the turtles are created.

To create the colored masks: kids can use any color of Wikki Stix for the turtle’s masks. Have the children cut colored strands of Wikki Stix to fit across the upper portion of the green spiraled turtle shape. Our kids cut colored Wikki Stix strands into thirds and placed them on the green spirals.

After the masks are created, add the eyes for a fun Wikki Stix ninja craft for pretend play!

Ninja Turtle Colors, Craft for Kids!

As the children play with the turtles, discuss the colors used on the masks. Many kids will be familiar with the colors for each of the turtle characters from the movie: Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo (named after four Renaissance artists). Other colored masks can also be created to work on additional color recognition skills.

Print several copies of the Wikki Stix turtle matching cards here (Download the Color Matching Cards PDF here). Laminate the cards for durability if desired and have the children cut out each individual card.

Have the children turn all the cards face down on the floor. One child begins by picking up two turtle cards to find a pair of matching colored masks. If matching colors are not found, both cards are turned face down and play continues. When a matching pair is located, the child keeps that pair and takes another turn. The game is over when all the turtle mask colors have been matched.

Ninja Turtles Wrist Bands for Kids!

Turtle Wristbands for Pretend Play
The spiraled turtle crafts created above can also be used to make wristbands for pretend play!
Wrap three strands of Wikki Stix around a child’s wrist and secure the ends together. The spiraled turtles can then be placed on top of the Wikki Stix to create NINJA BANDS for play!

If you have little turtle fans at home, the Wikki Stix turtles will allow for hours FUN! Capturing a child’s interest to create special learning opportunities = priceless PLAY!