Minion Egg Crafts and Learning Games for Kids!

Do your kids love Minions?  Our kids have been in an extended “Minion-love” phase since the movie, Despicable Me 2, came out last summer.  We hope your own children will enjoy creating and playing with the Wikki Stix Minion Eggs!

Wikki Stix Minion Egg Crafts and Learning Games for Kids!

Creating the Minions

Materials needed:  Blue and Yellow Easter Eggs (separated into blue bottoms/yellow tops), scissors, and white/black Wikki Stix (or additional colors for features as the children desire).

For each Minion, have the children take apart the blue bottom and create the Minion features on the yellow egg top.  After the features are created, the eggs can be put back together.

Each of the Minions have eyes that are made from white Wikki Stix spirals (begin at one end and wrap the Wikki Stix around itself into a coiled, spiral shape).  Have the children cut one strand of white Wikki Stix into four sections.  Each section can then be spiraled to form an eye.  To make the glasses, invite the children to use black Wikki Stix to wrap the white spiral one time.  The excess black Wikki Stix can then be cut off.  The basic eye shape for the Minions Eggs can be used with various hairs, mouths, or other features the children would like to add.

Two-eyed Minions:  make two eyes (as given above) and place both shapes close together.  The temple pieces of the Minion glasses can be constructed with two black Wikki Stix, folded in half, and attached to each side of the eyes.

Various Minion Features:  Print several Minion pictures for the children to look at (or print the photo from the top of this page).  The children can copy the features shown in the photo to their Easter Eggs or create their own features as desired.

Minion Easter Egg Crafts!

Creating the {EVIL} Minions

The EVIL Minions are a fun variation to create.  The hair of the EVIL Minion is easily crafted with purple Super Wikki Stix.  Each longer Wikki Stix strand will make one EVIL Minion’s purple hair.    To form the hair, begin at one end and accordion fold the strand (making some folds a little longer than the others).  When finished, press all the folds together at the bottom and adhere to the top of a purple Easter egg.

To make the EVIL Minions teeth:  Use one regular strand of white Wikki Stix and accordion fold the teeth (see photo above).  Arrange the teeth on top of a black Wikki Stix frown.  The eyes for the EVIL Minions can be formed in the same manner as given above.

To make the MINION EGGS STAND UP on any surface:  Have the children create a black spiral from one strand of Wikki Stix and place it on the bottom of the Minion Eggs.  The Wikki Stix will adhere to a tabletop, a paper plate, or most any surface for displaying the Minion eggs.

Learning Games to play with the Minion Created Eggs:

1.  What’s Inside?  Place different small objects inside each of the Minion Eggs.  Show the children one at a time which Minion holds each object inside.  Close the eggs and line the Minions up on a table or the floor and see if the children can remember which Minion contains the different objects.  The children will like playing the game.  As they become more familiar with the game, the children will begin locating different objects and asking their peers to play!  It is a great game to play to encourage memory skills.

2.  Letter Matching – Label the top half of the Minion egg (backside of the egg) with one uppercase letter from the Alphabet; label the bottom of the egg with a lowercase letter. Hide the egg halves around the house or the classroom. The game is over when all matches have been found.  

Extension idea for older children:   Write a word on the top half and paste a picture of the word on the bottom half. Have the children try to match the word with the picture.  Alternate ideas:  This game can also be done with numbers, basic addition problems, or sight words.

The Wikki Stix Created Minion Eggs are a fun craft for kids (or adults) to make!  The kids will adore playing and learning with the Minion Eggs (they also make a great gift for Minion fans of all ages)!

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