Wikki Stix Collage

Whether you are a teacher preparing for back to school or a parent whose children will soon be heading back to the classroom, Wikki Stix Minion crafts will help make the 1st day of school memorable for kids!

Wikki Stix Minion Pencil Toppers

Wikki Stix Minion Pencil Toppers
Materials needed: Yellow, Light Blue, White, and Black Wikki Stix, scissors, and a pencil for each child.

To make the Minion: Have the children make a spiral from a yellow strand of Wikki Stix. Add additional strands of Wikki Stix around the initial spiral until you have the desired size for the Minion (the picture above used 4 Yellow Wikki Stix for the Minion’s body). From the edges, pinch the spiral together to form an oval shape to finish the yellow body. The children can then wrap light blue strands of Wikki Stix around the lower body portion of the Minion. Have the children cut a small piece of white Wikki Stix to make the eye(s). Black Wikki Stix can be cut to make the pupil(s), glasses, and smile for the Minion.

To make the pencil topper: Wind strands of yellow, black, and light blue Wikki Stix around the top of a pencil. Leave enough Wikki Stix at the top of the pencil to attach the Minion. The Wikki Stix will hold the Minion upright and can adjust to any position desired (see photo above).

The Wikki Stix created Minion pencil toppers will make the children want to write! It’s a fun and simple craft for the 1st day of school!

Wikki Stix Treat Bag Toppers

Minion Treat Bag Toppers – Wikki Stix created Minions can also be used to seal treat bags for the children. The Wikki Stix Minions will be played with long after the treats are gone!

Minion Cookies for a school day or afterschool snack: Create Minion Cookies by using store bought oval sandwich cookies frosted with blue and yellow tube icing. The children can use a tube of black frosting/gel to create the Minion’s facial features (see photo above).

Wikki Stix Minion Posters (see top collage photo)

Creating a Minion-themed door sign or bulletin board with Wikki Stix is fun. Wikki Stix will add new dimensions to the created characters. Make a simple oval Minion from yellow poster board. The clothing can be made from blue poster board or construction paper. Use Wikki Stix to make the hands, shoes, facial features, and hair for the Minion. The Minion posters are a great way for children and parents to remember the location of a classroom or for a greeting at home after the 1st day of school!

Wikki Stix Minion Math Picture #4

Download the Minion Math PDF Here

Wikki Stix Minion Math – More than/Less Than/Equal To Practice and Review

Materials needed: one Minion Math printable (linked above) for each child and Wikki Stix.

Print the pages of the Wikki Stix Minion Math file for each of the children. Have the children work LEFT to RIGHT and count the number of Minions in each box in the row. The children must then create a symbol from the Wikki Stix to indicate if the first box has MORE THAN, LESS THAN, or is EQUAL to the number of Minions in the second group.

More Than/Less Than Song/Chant:
Children are often confused by the MORE THAN/LESS THAN symbols. To help the children remember which way the point should go, say or sing the following chant:
If the point goes left it is LESS THAN…
If the point goes right it is MORE THAN…
Are the groups the same – let’s THINK & COUNT…
That’s what MATH is all about!

With Wikki Stix crafted Minions, it is easy to create special memories and put the “cool” in back to school!