Wikki Stix Halloween Crafts for Kids!

With just a few simple supplies, kids can make fun Wikki Stix Halloween crafts for pretend play, Halloween parties, and displays at home or in the classroom! Gather crafts sticks, Wikki Stix, and scissors to create the mummy, a jack-o-lantern, the 3-eyed monster, and a funny Frankenstein this Halloween!

Wikki Stix Jack-O-Lantern

Wikki Stix Jack-O-Lantern Craft
Materials needed: 4 craft (Popsicle) sticks, scissors, and orange/green/black Wikki Stix.

Invite the children to create by placing the supplies out on a table or a large tray. The jack-o-lantern is created by wrapping orange Wikki Stix around each of the 4 craft sticks. When the children are finished wrapping the craft sticks, press the 4 wrapped craft sticks together (since the Wikki Stix stick to each other the craft sticks will stay together). The kids can then use green Wikki Stix to create a top or stem for the jack-o-lantern. The kids will need scissors to create the facial features for the jack-o-lantern. Have the children cut one Wikki Stix into four equal sections. Each section can then be used to make a small triangle for the eyes and nose. The children may wish to use the last section to create a mouth for the jack-o-lantern or design a mouth of their own. Use a separate Wikki Stix to create a hanger for the craft to display at home or in the classroom!

Wikki Stix Frankenstein

Wikki Stix Frankenstein Craft
Materials needed: 4 craft (Popsicle) sticks, green or neon colored Wikki Stix/black Wikki Stix, and scissors.

The Frankenstein craft is created in a similar fashion to the jack-o-lantern above. Invite the kids to wrap the green (or neon) Wikki Stix around each of the craft sticks and press them together when finished wrapping. The hair for Frankenstein is created with black Wikki Stix. The kids can cut small black pieces for the hair and stick the black pieces on top of the green Wikki Stix. The “scars” are created with small cut pieces of black Wikki Stix (see photo above). For the eyes: the children can use small black Wikki Stix spirals or shape cut pieces of Wikki Stix into small balls. The Frankenstein craft can include a happy, sad, scary, or mad face as the children desire! A separate Wikki Stix can be used to make a hanger for a Frankenstein decoration at Halloween!

3-Eyed Monster

Wikki Stix 3-Eyed Monster Craft
Materials needed: one craft (Popsicle) stick, green, white, and black Wikki Stix, and scissors.

The 3-eyed monster craft is a simple craft that even very young kids can create! Have the children wrap one craft stick with green Wikki Stix (wrapping the craft stick is great for fine motor skills, too)! The eyes for the monster are made from cut pieces of white and black Wikki Stix. Have the children shape the white Wikki Stix pieces into 3 balls and place them anywhere on the monster craft. Smaller black pieces of Wikki Stix can be placed on top of the white balls to finish the monster’s eyes. The monster craft can have as many or few eyes as the children want.

Wikki Stix Mummy Craft

Wikki Stix Mummy Craft
Materials needed: 3 craft (Popsicle) sticks, white and black Wikki Stix, and scissors.

Prior to creating the mummy: break/cut (adult only) ONE of the craft stick in half.

Using the white Wikki Stix, have the children wrap all of the craft sticks (including the 2 halves). When finished wrapping the craft sticks, the 2 halves are used as the mummy’s arms. The arms can be placed behind the mummy’s body and positioned however the children want. If desired, additional white Wikki Stix can be wrapped to create an X to secure the arms. (Note: If the children will only be displaying the mummies, it isn’t necessary. If the children wish to pretend play with them, the addition of the Wikki Stix X to secure the arms make the craft more durable – see photo above).

The second leg for the mummy can also be positioned as desired and attached behind the center of the mummy craft. The dark mask for the mummy is created from ¼ strand of black Wikki Stix spiraled around itself to create a small oval. Small white Wikki Stix eyes are then placed on top. Again, the children can create any kind of mouth for their mummies that they desire.
The Wikki Stix Halloween crafts are not only fun to make, but they make great gifts and displays for October, too!

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