Wikki Stix Football Crafts for Kids

There are few sports as synonymous with fall as football! Kids love the excitement of watching, practicing skills, and playing football whether on a local team or in a friendly game in their own backyard! The Wikki Stix football craft and literacy activities below are designed to capture the excitement of football and translate that into games that will encourage learning through play.

Football Craft actvities for kids
Wikki Stix Football Crafts

Materials needed: Brown/White Wikki Stix and scissors.

Have the children create spirals from the brown Wikki Stix. The footballs in the photo above were made with 3 strands of brown Wikki Stix wrapped to form a spiral. The children can then mold the spirals into a football shape. Have the children cut small pieces of white Wikki Stix with scissors to resemble the laces of the football.

Keep the football crafts for use in some of the activities offered below.

WS Football Roll Create Cover Picture
Download the Football Roll Create and Cover PDF

Materials needed: the football crafts created above to use as counters for the game (younger children can made a simple oval shape from one Wikki Stix to use as football counters if desired), one game file (linked above), two dice per game, and scissors to cut out the TOUCHDOWN reward.

Print the game file for each child and laminate for durability (clear contact paper will work if laminating supplies are not available). Have the children roll two dice, count the total number of dots on the dice, and place a Wikki Stix created football/oval over the corresponding number. Play should continue until all of the numbers are covered (if a number is already used, the children should roll the dice until a number can be covered). When the game is finished, the children can cut the TOUCHDOWN reward square to display (Note: hole punch the TOUCHDOWN square and thread a Wikki Stix through the hole to form a simple bracelet/band the kids can wear for the day).

WS Football Craft Lacing Picture
Download the Football Lacing PDF

Materials needed: One Football Lacing file (linked above), a hole punch, and one strand of Super Wikki Stix.

Print the Football Lacing file and cover with clear contact paper. Fold the football in half and punch through the holes. Thread one strand of Super Wikki Stix through the holes (see photo above).

Even in the age a Velcro, learning to tie a shoe is an important (and challenging) task for kids! By using Wikki Stix to teach tying skills, the “loops” will hold their shape better than regular laces!

WS Tabletop Football Game

Materials needed: Wikki Stix created footballs (see Wikki Stix Football Craft instructions above), three craft sticks, and assorted colors of Wikki Stix.

To make the goal posts: have the children wrap all three craft sticks with Wikki Stix (the children can use Wikki Stix colors for their favorite team). The craft sticks will stand upright on the table when placed on top of separate spirals constructed from Wikki Stix (see photo above). The middle of the goal (covered craft stick) will adhere to the sides of posts simply by pressing the Wikki Stix together.

Have the children practice “kicking” the goal by holding the tip of one of the WIkki Stix created footballs with the non-dominate index finger and “flicking” it with the dominant index finger. It is quite a fine motor skill to develop! Once the kids are successful in “kicking” a touchdown, they will want to play over and over. Adults can enjoy the game, too!

To keep score: set a predetermined number of touchdowns and have the kids keep tally marks with Wikki Stix for each touchdown successfully made. The first player to achieve the specified number of touchdowns is the winner.

WS Football Words Picture
Football Created Words
Download Football Created Words PDF

Materials needed: one Football Created Words file (linked above) per child, scissors, and brown Wikki Stix.

Print the file for each child. The “box and dot” shapes in the file will help the children in basic letter formations.  Have the children place one strand of Wikki Stix on the dot in the box and attempt to form the letters that are associated with each picture: Kick and Football. If desired, the children can use scissors to cut pieces for some of the letters or form the letters from one single strand. The fine motor skills used in creating letters from Wikki Stix will help cement basic literacy skills!

Extension: Read Touchdown! My Football Book by David Diehl. In the book, young kids are introduced to one football-related word per page. Children love to repeat (read) the words (kick, pass, snap, etc.) and can act out the words as they are introduced in the book.

Football is an exciting game for both kids and adults! Help capture the excitement this fall with fun Wikki Stix games for learning and play!