Independence Day, 4th of July, crafts for kids!

Wikki Stix Firework Display is fun craft idea for kids!

Firework Table Setting

Here is what you will need:

  1. An empty glass drink bottle with a tall neck (we used a Starbucks bottle)
  2. A toilet paper roll
  3. Tape (to tape down the toilet paper roll)
  4. Wikki Stix: lots of black ones along with numerous colorful stix
  5. A flag (we pulled a flag from a small stick flag, purchased at The Dollar Store)

Additional idea:
Have your children create place settings by using construction paper and Wikki Stix.

Cover your bottle in black Wikki Stix, as the firework base. Cut a toilet paper roll so that it will fit inside the bottle, creating a higher output for the Wikki Stix. Cover the toilet paper roll in black Wikki Stix, as the top of the firework. Add colorful Wikki Stix to the top, popping out. Place a small flag around the bottle. It will stick easily to the Wikki Stix. You do not need glue.

If you create this at home, and come up with another creative way to make your firework, feel free to share your ideas with us in the comment section!

Happy Independence Day!