Mandala Art Collage

What is Mandala Art? The word Mandala is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “sacred circle.” Mandalas are found in various cultures and contain special meanings for the artist. Making circles on a sheet of paper is a well known artistic and developmental milestone for children: most early drawings of people begin as some form of a circle that represents the head and/or body. As an art form, using Wikki Stix as the “artist’s tool” is a delightful way to introduce the Mandala to children!

Mandala Introduction: Explain to children that Mandalas are special circles that have different meanings to each artist. Mandalas can be made from different colors, lines, shapes, patterns, or designs, but they all have something in common: Radial Symmetry! Mandala art begins with a central point; all other lines, colors, and patterns extend from that central point outward.

The video below is a great example of radial symmetry in motion! Have the children watch for the central point and how the patterns move outward from the center.

Wikki Stix Created Mandalas
Mandala arts and crafts for kids

Materials needed: Mounting paper (any kind of paper will work) and assorted colors of Wikki Stix.

Invite your child to craft a Mandala by making a tray with assorted colors of Wikki Stix and paper. Remind the children that Mandalas begin with a central point. Most children will think of a circle to begin their craft, but the central point can be any shape or design desired.

As the children craft outward from the circle, the concept of radial symmetry comes into play. The early Mandalas children make will “plant the seeds” of more advanced artistic techniques, concepts, and words.

Mandala Art

Creating a Mandala with children is peaceful and expressive art. The 6 year old child’s Mandala craft (pictured above) is a symbol of the world: the Sun at the center. What a wonderful Mandala it is! Working with Wikki Stix to mold, create, and design what the mind can imagine is a relaxing, sensory, and creative exploration into early artistic expression.

What Wikki Stix colors will you and your child choose for your Mandala Art?