Wikki Stix Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

Creating the Wikki Stix Christmas Trees is a fun way to make special memories with kids this holiday season! The Christmas tree ornaments make great gifts to family and friends or a special kids’ activity for a holiday party!

WS Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

Wikki Stix Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Kids

Materials needed: Green Wikki Stix, 3 craft sticks (per craft), and assorted Christmas-themed buttons or table scatter.

To make the tree: invite the children to completely wrap each of three crafts sticks with green Wikki Stix. When finished wrapping, press the three craft sticks together to form a triangle. The children can decorate their Christmas tree with buttons, table scatter, or other Christmas-themed items.

To make a hanger: create a loop with one Wikki Stix and press the ends of the loop behind the top point of the triangle (see photo above).
This is a simple and fun craft for kids to make! All of the decorations will adhere to the Wikki Stix without the need for additional glue or tape. This craft is a creative and “mess-free” ornament for kids to create as gifts or to hang on the tree!

WS Pinecone Christmas Tree

Wikki Stix Pinecone Ornament Craft for Kids

Materials needed: One pinecone (per craft), scissors, and green/assorted colors of Wikki Stix.

Invite the children to create by placing all supplies out on a table or a large tray. Give each child one pinecone and invite the children to wrap green Wikki Stix around the cone (the green Wikki Stix will become the string for the Christmas lights on the pinecone tree). The children can then cut small pieces of various colors of Wikki Stix to create the bulbs. Each small piece can be pressed into a ball or spiral and attached to the green Wikki Stix on the pinecone (see photo above).

To make the hanger: have the children create a loop with one strand of Wikki Stix and press it to the top of their pinecone.

The Wikki Stix Pinecone Christmas Trees are easy crafts for kids to make while encouraging fine motor skills!

Wikki Stix Pony Bead Christmas Tree Craft

Wikki Stix and Pony Bead Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Materials needed: 10 Green, 1 brown, 1 yellow Wikki Stix, and red pony beads (10 per craft).

To make the “branches” for the tree: have the kids take one green Wikki Stix and make two “bunny ear” loops from each end (see photo above). The children should make 10 branches for the craft.

To assemble the tree craft: invite the kids to thread one red pony bead onto the brown Wikki Stix. After the pony bead, the children can press one of the Wikki Stix created branches onto the brown Wikki Stix. Have the children continue alternating the red beads with the Wikki Stix branches until they reach the top.

The children can create a yellow Wikki Stix star for the top of their tree and add a green Wikki Stix loop for the hanger.

WS Christmas Tree Craft

Wikki Stix Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Kids

Materials needed: 1 craft stick (per craft), scissors, and green, brown, and assorted others colors of Wikki Stix.

Set out the Wikki Stix on a tray or a table and invite the children to create a Christmas tree.

To make the tree trunk: wrap one craft stick completely with brown Wikki Stix and set aside.

To make the tree: have the children fold green Wikki Stix back and forth to create a “ribbon” effect – older children can make the folds smaller as they reach the top of the tree.

For younger children, draw a simple triangle on an index card and have the children use Wikki Stix to outline the triangle for the tree. The children can then fill in the triangle shape with Wikki Stix by tracing along inside of the the triangle with green Wikki Stix. When completely filled in with Wikki Stix, the tree can then be lifted from the index card and attached to the trunk (craft stick).

Invite the children to decorate their Christmas trees with Wikki Stix. Some suggestions: garland, ornaments, a star, cut tinsel pieces, or small lights.

The Wikki Stix Christmas Tree Ornament crafts are creative fun for special holiday parties, for the children to give as gifts, or to hang on the tree at home!

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