Are you looking for fun and unique activities for your 4th of July party? Wikki Stix can help make the celebration memorable for kids with fun firework paintings, star rubbings, and flag treat bags!


Patriotic Fireworks Paintings

Materials needed: Red, White, and Blue Tempera Paint, Paint Trays or Paper Plates (one tray per paint color), Colored or White Paper (1 piece per child/craft), and Wikki Stix (any colors – 5-6 Wikki Stix per child/craft).
Fireworks Craft Tools
Prior to painting: make a Wikki Stix fireworks painting tool. Place 4-5 strands of Wikki Stix together. Bend all of the Wikki Stix strands in half; thread another Wikki Stix (see white strand in the photo below) through the crease and twist to close. Separate the individual strands of Wikki Stix into a sunburst pattern (see photo below).

To make the fireworks paintings: have the children paint one color at a time with the Wikki Stix painting tool. If desired, the children can add silver or gold glitter to the paintings before drying.

The fireworks paintings make great displays for Patriotic holidays!

Wikki Stix Star Rubbing Craft idea for kids

Wikki Stix Star Rubbing Crafts

Materials needed: Red Wikki Stix, white paper, and red/blue crayons.

Have the children make a star from the Wikki Stix. Younger children may need assistance, but it is fun to see the different star designs the children can create! Place the Wikki Stix star UNDER a sheet of white paper and have the children rub over the star with a red or blue crayon. As the children rub over the paper with the crayon, the image of the Wikki Stix star will appear! Kids love to make Wikki Stix rubbings as it is almost magical when the image appears! The children can move the star to other positions on the same sheet of paper to create a full page of star rubbings!

Extension: ask the children to create a Liberty Bell for the rubbings out of Wikki Stix!

Wikki Stix No Candy Flag Treat Bag

Wikki Stix “No Candy” Flag Treat Bags

Materials needed: Red, White, and Blue Wikki Stix and clear cellophane bags.

To make the flag treat bags: alternate rows of red and white Wikki Stix for the flag’s stripes; the “stars” are made of blue Wikki Stix spirals. Place the blue spirals in the bag first.

Add the red and white Wikki Stix “stripes” to the bag after the blue spirals are inserted. Wikki Stix can also be used to make the bow for the flag treat bags. The kids will have hours of fun making flags or other creations from the Wikki Stix treats!

We wish you and yours a fun-filled 4th of July with Wikki Stix!