Wikki Stix To Attend The 2012 Great Homeschool Midwest Convention

Wikki Stix, a brand owned by Omnicor, Inc.,  will attend its first Great Homeschool Convention on April 19–21 at Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH.

During the conference, Wikki Stix will be demonstrating a variety of educational products that have the ability to cover all aspects of the core curriculum as well as providing enrichment. Wikki Stix are a versatile teaching tool that provide sensory and tactile learning–a learning style which employs hands-on activities rather than relying purely on listening and viewing. Many children are tactile learners and need hands-on involvement to become engaged in the learning process.

Wikki Stix products are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax. Wikki Stix work without glue or paste, there is no mess–simply press down with light fingertip pressure–they adhere to almost any smooth surface. Wikki Stix are safe, gluten free and non-toxic. Ideal for ages 3 and up. Made in the USA.

Families from all walks of life are turning to homeschooling in record numbers. In recognition of that growth, Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc. has planned five regional  homeschool conventions for 2012 – the Midwest Conference will be held on  April 19-21.  This will be one of the largest conferences, and will be the first opportunity for Wikki Stix to present its wide range of educational products for Homeschooling families.

Those attending the Midwest Conference can Look forward to:

  • Huge Exhibit Hall
  • OUTSTANDING Speakers
  • Information Packed Workshops
  • Curriculum Shopping
  • Worldview Teen Track
  • Encouragement, Fun and Fellowship

Media Contact:
Kem Clark, President
Phone: 800-869-4554 or 602-870-9937
Fax: 602-870-9877
Email: info@wikkistix.com


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