Learning to wait patiently requires effort from kids (and even adults). Waiting can seem endless when kids are looking forward to a future time. Waiting for big moments like Christmas, New Year’s Day, birthdays, or other special events are often a source of stress for kids as time seems to move too slowly. Helping kids develop the art of waiting takes some practice, but developing a patient perspective is a life skill that will serve kids well as the grow. To help kids learn about waiting, the Elephant and Piggie book, Waiting is Not Easy by Mo Willems, is a great place to begin. Gather the book, your own Wikki Stix, and come create a beautiful project with tips for helping kids learn (and practice) waiting.

Learning about Waiting with Elephant and Piggie

Materials needed:

  • Waiting is Not Easy by Mo Willems (an Elephant and Piggie book)
  • Black, Blue, Purple and White Wikki Stix
  • Plain White Paper
  • Scissors

Prior to creating the Wikki Stix craft, read the book, Waiting is Not Easy by Mo Willems, to your kids (older kids can read independently). In the book, Piggie asks Gerald (the elephant) to wait for a special surprise. Gerald GROANS impatiently throughout the book as Piggie asks him to wait ALL DAY LONG for the surprise. Kids of all ages will relate to Gerald’s frustration while waiting for his surprise. The end of the story holds a beautiful night sky surprise for Gerald. Gerald finds the beauty of the surprise was well worth the wait. Mo Willems delights kids with simple text and illustrations while teaching kids about the value in waiting patiently.

After reading the book, set out Wikki Stix, plain white paper, and scissors, then invite kids to create their own night sky landscape craft with Wikki Stix.

Directions for creating the starry night sky craft with Wikki Stix:

  • Kids can alternate colors of Wikki Stix in any pattern at the top of their paper. The joy in Wikki Stix lies in the process of creating. There is no wrong or right way to create. Kids can design their night sky however desired. If kids wish to change the design of their sky, Wikki Stix can be rearranged as necessary. For an example, see the Wikki Stix night sky craft in the photo below. White Wikki Stix can be cut and formed into small balls to represent the stars in the night sky craft.
  • When kids are finished creating the night sky landscape craft, invite them to share the craft and open discussions about waiting with family or friends.
  • Extension Activity: Kids might also like to create a text bubble and practice spelling some of the words in the book with Wikki Stix (see photo below). By creating letters and words with Wikki Stix, kids learn through sensory touch.

Tips for Encouraging the Art of Waiting:

  1. Make opportunities for independent play for your kids without the constant need for “entertainment” from technology. Kids are amazingly creative and can play independently when encouraged to do so. Wikki Stix provides “no-tech and stress-free” ways to keep kids busy and creating all year long- it’s is the perfect creating tool for allowing kids to design and play without the need for the instant gratification of technology.
  2. Practice waiting in small increments (especially with very young kids). Model (model, model) patience and waiting. Discuss the importance delayed gratification – praise kids when they exhibit patience when required to wait.
  3. Encourage manners and common courtesies such as listening and waiting while others are talking. By integrating opportunities to practice waiting within everyday routines, kids will learn as they grow.

Learning to wait patiently, while difficult for everyone at times, is an important skill. When adults model patience when waiting, kids mimic what they see. We hope your kids enjoy reading with Elephant and Piggie while creating their own night sky craft. For more ways to enjoy “no-tech” creativity with Wikki Stix, please visit:

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