This Valentine’s Day, invite your kids to gift handmade cards to their friends with a free printable and Wikki Stix. The adorable mice craft is fun to create while giving friends a treat to eat and Wikki Stix to create with after Valentine’s Day.

: Valentine’s Day Printable Card Crafts for Kids to Create!

Materials needed:

  • Assorted colors of Wikki Stix (including black and white for the eyes).
  • Scissors
  • Free printable heart-shaped mouse template (print here).


  • Print the heart-shaped mouse templates to heavy paper (there are two Valentine’s per page – just print the number needed for your kids to create).
  • Kids should cut the heart shapes out and fold each of the hearts in half (colored side facing outward).
  • Seal the paper edges together by cutting small pieces of Wikki Stix and pressing between the folded heart shape.
  • Kids can create eyes for the mouse craft by using cut pieces of white Wikki Stix (formed into a small tight spiral) and small black Wikki Stix balls for the centers of the eyes.
  • The ears for the mouse Valentine’s Day cards are created from two tear-drop shapes. Kids can make an initial tear drop from ½ of a Wikki Stix. Additional Wikki Stix can be used inside the outline to fill-in the shape (see photo).
  • If desired, kids can create a mouth, whiskers, nose, tail, or even a slice of cheese to accompany the Valentine’s Day card craft.
  • Kids might also wish to leave an opening on the end of the craft to insert additional Wikki Stix fun favors, wrapped string cheese sticks, stickers, or candies before delivering to friends.

Handmade cards with Wikki Stix are fun for kids to create and give to friends on Valentine’s Day.

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