Are you looking for ideas to use at home, or in the classroom, to develop fine motor skills? There are lots of wonderful ideas that parents and teachers can utilize: using pens and pencils, putting together puzzles, cutting with scissors, tying shoelaces, stringing macaroni, using play dough, and so on. The Wikki Stix product line is also known for its diverse use in regard to fine motor skill development.

According to Le Petite Academy
“Recent research suggests that fine motor development at school entry is extremely important as it is highly predictive of children’s academic success in reading and mathematics at the end of elementary school. Three large-scale, longitudinal studies that followed children’s progress over many years in the United States and Britain all confirmed the important relationship between fine motor skills at kindergarten and later academic success.”

Using Wikki Stix for Fine Motor Skill DevelopmentHere at Wikki Stix we understand the importance of fine motor development. Our products can be used for shaping, twisting, un-twisting, tying, roping, sticking (attaching), and more. The wax-covered manipulatives are loved by educators and home school parents worldwide.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Use them to create words and numbers
  • Create basic shapes
  • Demonstrate math concepts
  • Ideal for making borders, showing where to start and stop on the paper, and as a border to color within the lines
  • For dot-to-dot paper printouts
  • Books (children can underline words with Wikki Stix)
  • Theme related homework assignments
  • Use for arts and crafts
  • In addition, Wikki Stix can be taken in the car on long drives as a fun and educational way to keep the kids occupied

If you search through the Store pages you’ll find numerous ideas and offerings. Some of the top sellers include the following products:

Multi Sensory Resource
Activity Set
Tons of Fun

About Wikki Stix
Wikki Stix appeal equally to boys and girls, and span a wide range of ages, from 3 to 103! They are perfect for quiet, independent play, or interaction with others. They help enhance learning through hands-on kinesthetic involvement. They stimulate the imagination and creativity in everyone! There is no right or wrong way to play! Made in the USA for more than 23 years!