Here is what you will need:
1. A dry erase board
2. Wikki Stix

That’s it!

Purchase a dry erase board from any local store like Walmart or Target. Wikki Stix can be used on the dry erase board again and again. Push them onto the board, pull up, and use the stix again!

Here are a few fun ideas to use with your kids, now that school is back in session:

  • Create faces with the Wikki Stix and ask, “How was your day?” Allow your child to point to the face that best describes their feelings. Talk about those feelings and what went well at school, what could have gone better, etc.
  • Use Wikki Stix to practice homework: create letters, numbers, shapes, and more.
  • Practice spelling a name with Wikki Stix.
  • Design animal shapes on the dry erase board, using Wikki Stix.

Wikki Stix After School Activities for Kids

Let your imagination run wild!

Additional tip: Use the dry erase board and Wikki Stix in the car. Keep your Wikki Stix in a small container so they do not pick up dog hair and debris. Learn while traveling!

How do YOU Wikki?