Wikki Stix USA Travel Fun!

Online Summer Camp Week Three

Wikki Trip Across the USA

Part #1

Take a Wikki Trip
Across the USA!

Click below to print the map, which will use two sheets of paper; tape together down the center (for the best results print at 100% of actual size). Most of this activity uses 6” Wikki Stix. Eight inch Wikkies are specified where needed.

Click Here to Download and Print the Templates!

New Orleans

Before we start to Wikki travel, let’s add in the Mississippi River, which is a major river, starting north in Minnesota and running south to New Orleans, home of Mardi Gras…where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. So grab an eight-inch blue Wikki and trace the dashed lines. Now it will be easy to see what “West of the Mississippi” or “East of the Mississippi” means!

Mount Rush More

Now, for our trip…an appropriate place to start is in South Dakota, at Mount Rushmore, where the faces of four great American Presidents are carved into the hillside! Each face is approximately 60 feet tall and the entire sculpture took 14 years to complete. The four presidents are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. So, now that we’ve begun our travels, press a six-inch Wikki here at Mount Rushmore.


From here, we’ll head to the far Northwest corner of the continental United States…to visit Seattle…where the Space Needled is located. So find the Space Needle and extend your Wikki to that point. The Space Needle was built in 1962 as part of the World’s Fair and has a revolving restaurant at the top, with a beautiful view of ships coming into the port in Seattle.

Golden Gate Bridge



From Seattle, let’s go south along the California coast, passing over San Francisco… with the famous Golden Gate Bridge…and on south to Los Angeles…where we will see surfers…enjoying the Pacific Ocean! Disneyland is right here in nearby Anaheim. So use a new Wikki and press it down along this route.


Grand Canyon


Now let’s head East to Texas, so use another Wikki and look for the Alamo, pressing the Wikki down along the way. Which states did we pass over? Arizona and New Mexico…The Grand Canyon, sunshine, and chili peppers!



Let’s stay West of the Mississippi for a while… and head from San Antonio up north to see the moose in Yellowstone Park, which is in Wyoming and Montana, and home to the famous geyser known as Old Faithful. So use a six-inch Wikki and travel to the moose head. Along the way we went through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado… right over the skier!


Now, for a big change of pace, we’ll leave the wide open spaces of the West and head to…the third largest city in the U.S., Chicago…located at the south end of Lake Michigan. Use a new Wikki, press it onto the one by the moose and head east to Chicago where we can watch a baseball game at Wrigley Field, the second oldest baseball stadium in the U.S. so look for the baseball on the map! Wrigley Field is where the Chicago Cubs play. Chicago is also home to the Chicago Bears football team, the Chicago White Sox baseball team.

Cowboy Hat


From Chicago, we’ll go to Nashville, home of country music…so fold a six-inch Wikki in half and head to the cowboy hat. Leaving Nashville, we will go south, into Florida…to Orlando…and visit Walt Disney World! Use a folded Wikki to get there! Since we’re on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, we can swim or sail, or just go to the beach.

Washington DC

Statue of Liberty

After lots of fun and sightseeing in Florida, we’ll use a new Wikki, and head north to our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. home of the Capitol Building and the White House. Using that same Wikki, we can continue north to New York City the largest city in the United States, home of Central Park, Times Square and where you’ll see the Statue of Liberty in the harbor.

Whaling Ship

Let’s get another Wikki and continue north, traveling through Boston which is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and very important during the Revolutionary War. It is also a great place to go whale-watching and large whaling ships were very common sights there hundreds of years ago.

Light House

This same Wikki will take us all the way up into Maine, which is located at the northeastern tip of the continental United States. Maine has a rugged, rocky coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, where lots of lighthouses were built in the 1880’s to help keep ships from running aground.


From Maine, we can fold our Wikki over and head back south…to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio which is located on the south shore of Lake Erie. Look for the guitar! Ohio is located East of the Mississippi, as you can see, and is a very central state to the most heavily populated areas in the U.S. From here, you can travel to many places!

So, where would you like to go? Use a new Wikki and start your own travels now…to visit family members, maybe grandparents? Or head back to your own home state! Or a special place you learned about in school? Have fun on your Wikki travels!

You might want to hang your map in your room, so you can continue to Wikki travel!

Make Your Own State

Part #2

Create Your Own State!

When we were visiting Cleveland, did you look at the shape of the state of Ohio? Is it square, round…or what?

If you had your own state, what shape would it be? Use your Wikkies to create the outline of YOUR own state! Is it square? Or rectangular? Or maybe a funny round state?

Is it near the ocean and has a coastline? Use green Wikkies to put in mountains. And blue Wikkies to add rivers or a lake. Cut a black Wikki in half and coil it up to make cities.

And, since this is YOUR own state…you can name it whatever you want!

Click Here to Download and Print the Template!
USA Fun License Plate

Part #3

License Plate Fun!

Now that you have your own state, you can DESIGN YOUR OWN LICENSE PLATE!

Download and print the template, and then write in the name of your new state in the center between the two holes.

What would you like your license plate to look like? Showing trees, or lakes, or animals…things you would find in your state? Or, you can make a fun custom license plate as another idea.

Would your state have a slogan? Arizona is the Grand Canyon State…Illinois is the Land of Lincoln. Hawaii is the Aloha State. What’s your state’s slogan?

Click Here to Download and Print the Template!

We would love to see your creations!

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