National Unplugged Play Day
National Unplugged PlayDay

Join us for National Unplugged Play Day – September 28, 2019!

We all have concerns today over kids’ constant attachment to electronics, where they sit and passively stare at screens. They have lost the art of playing. They watch, rather than DO! Play is important to stimulate imagination and creativity and help develop cognitive thinking skills. We felt our product, along with many others, might take the lead in offering a break from screens with hands-on, engaged play!

Our apologies… but our Play Day Kits have sold out!

Just like last year, the response to National Unplugged Play Day has been amazing. We are definitely all on the same page when it comes to helping kids get back to basic, hands-on fun! To that end, we do have downloadable activities… and suggested products to go with them… and a 40% off code!

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Family kids crafts for National Unplugged Play Day

Unplug Everyday with Wikki Stix!

The instruction sheets below include Making Wikki People (they are best made with six-inch Wikki Stix). The Wikki Stix for Doodlers is ideal for this and very inexpensive at only $3.95! For making Wikki Wacky Glasses, the longer eight-inch Wikkies are best, and we suggest either the Primary Pak, or the Neon Pak…each with 48 Wikki Stix, enough for several pairs of glasses!

Make Wikki People

Wikki People


Make Wikki Glasses

Wikki Glasses


Decorate a Clown Face