National Unplugged Play Day

RETAILERS! Plan now to join in this event! Last year 115 stores hosted an in-store Unplugged Play Day … to encourage kids to turn off those screens and enjoy hands-on play … real DOING, not watching! Additionally 1,581 MOMS reached out to our website to host an Unplugged Play Day at home!

The Wikki Stix Co., sponsor of the event, offers a FREE Unplugged Play Day Kit, with enough materials for 30 children. You will also receive:
• Window signs
• In-store signs
• Copy for use in your newsletter or social media

What the Wikki Stix FREE Unplugged Play Day Kit provides:

1. Clowns for the kids to complete and decorate
2. The Hands-on Do-Wikki Make ‘n Take Game
3. A take-home Wikki Stix Mini Play Pak souvenir
4. An Unplugged sticker to wear
5. Two idea sheets; always kid favorites!
6. Tons of Wikki Stix to use!

For your Wikki Stix Unplugged Play Day Kit, please register below. Please order no later than August 30th. Materials will be sent three weeks in advance, so you can put up signs and send out invitations, newsletters and use whatever social media you employ. You can also call: 800-869-4554.

National Unplugged Play Day

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National Unplugged Play Day!

Fun arts and crafts for kids!