For the Jelly Fish you will need:

  1. One flat plastic lid that you can reuse after washing (we used a Lays Chip lid)
  2. One rounded plastic lid that you can reuse after washing (for the top of the jelly fish head)
  3. Pen (to make holes in the lid)
  4. White Wikki Stix (for the jelly fish legs)


Poke holes through your flat lid, using the pen. Slide your white Wikki Stix through and secure each one. They will easily stick to your plastic lid. Place your rounded lid on top, as the jelly fish head. Get your jelly on!

Make Jelly Fish with Wikki Stix
For the Ocean Scene you will need:

  1. A variety of Wikki Stix colors
  2. Cardstock or large art paper

Create an ocean scene for a classroom or home school ocean lesson plan. Use the Wikki Stix to make fish, coral, sea shells, a rock, a crab, a turtle, sea grass and more! Create a large display if this will be done in a classroom setting – so your students can hang the finished scene on the wall to enjoy for months to come. For at-home activities, a smaller display will work great.

Under the sea Ocean lesson plan from Wikki Stix

How do YOU Wikki?