We continue our Touch Math series with a creative lesson in Touch Math Multiplication. First, we created laminated number sheets using 5 mil lamination. There are numerous benefits gained from using laminated numbers:

  1. The sheets can be used lesson after lesson, saving paper
  2. The lamination is easily wiped down, reducing germs
  3. Wikki Stix can be placed and moved, as needed, minimizing student stress

Next, we used Wikki Stix to generate the touchpoints needed on each top numeral. Note: If mistakes are made, and the touchpoints are placed incorrectly, encourage the student to peel the Wikki Stix from the laminate and re-position the points in the correct location. The versatility of our product makes our line perfect for use in any classroom, including special education environments. Mistakes may be made, however, they are easily fixed!

Touch Math Multiplication

Directions for multiplying by three: Students will place the touchpoints in the proper location. They will then touch each point on the first numeral while skip counting by three. When multiplying by two, skip count by twos. When multiplying by four, skip count by four – and so on.

When your student has completed the assignment simply stack the laminated number sheets and gather up the Wikki Stix. Save all of your materials for future use. You do not need to throw anything away.

Watch below to learn more about TouchMath Multiplication:

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