Children adore classic fairy tales. Come read The Three Little Pigs and re-tell the story through playful construction of each of the pig’s houses!  It’s a great way to encourage literacy and fine motor skills while creating and having FUN!

The Three Little Pigs: Read, Play, and Create!

The Three Little Pigs:  An Invitation to Read, Play, and Create with Wikki Stix

Fairy tales are stories with imaginary characters that usually have a teachable lesson.  Read the story of The Three Little Pigs to your kids.  Role play with the children to help them understand the morals and values embedded in the story of The Three Little Pigs:  those who work hard, plan well, and use materials wisely, will often be successful.

The Three Little Pigs Invitation to Create Houses

The Three Little Pigs Invitation to Create Houses

After reading and role-playing the story of The Three Little Pigs, invite the children to re-tell and sequence the events of the story by creating each of the pig’s houses.

Materials needed:

  • Wikki Stix – any color (18 Wikki Stix to create 3 basic house shapes plus additional to use inside each house).
  • Sticks from outside or Craft Sticks
  • Straw or Grasses from outside
  • Plastic Bricks or Paper Bricks (cut from red paper)

Wikki Stix 3 Little Pigs House Construction

Set out all the supplies on a large table as an invitation for the kids to create.  Have the kids use Wikki Stix to create 3 square houses with triangle-shaped roofs (each house will use 6 Wikki Stix).  The kids can create their houses directly on the table or on a large piece of poster board. When finished with the Wikki Stix houses, have the children randomly fill-in each house with additional Wikki Stix (see photo).

Invite the kids to re-tell the events of the story and add the three building materials (straw, sticks, and bricks) to each of the three houses in the order they appear in the story. Wikki Stix will adhere the items without the need for glue or tape.

Extension Activity Suggestions:

  1. Video record the children sharing their house creations while re-telling the events of the story. It’s fun to play back and have the kids watch!
  2. Role play or brainstorm ways that the children might be successful if they plan, listen, and work hard.  Ask the children to build towers or pyramids from different materials:  wood blocks, Styrofoam cups, craft sticks and Wikki Stix, foam or plastic cubes, etc.  Which material(s) are sturdier than the others?  Which tower falls down the easiest?  Ask the children if they know why some of the building materials are better than the others for building towers.
  3. Cut squares of different weights of paper (ex: tissue, copy paper, cardboard).  Give each of the children a straw and invite them to blow the papers across a table with air through the straw.  What paper moved easily with air from the straw?  Which paper was hardest to move and why?

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