The New Crayon, Restaurants Need More Wikki Stix

Written by Julie Henning

Mini Play Paks
Mini Play Paks

As the “Feed Me” editor of the online travel magazine Road Trips for Families, our  family eats out more than the average American household. As tired of chicken  nuggets as we are of primary-colored crayons, we were thrilled to discover  Wikki Stick Mini Play Packs in Amish Country, Ohio, of all places.

Sold in bulk, each play pack includes eight Wikki Stix and a  neatly folded playsheet with dot-to-dot on one side and ideas for creativity on  the other. A welcome alternate to two-dimensional coloring sheets, Wikki Stix are  easy to bend and mold while you wait for your order.
Kids create crafts and restaurants with Wikki Stix

Holding a banquet-type event at a local pizza restaurant last week, Wikki Stix generously donated enough Mini Play Packs to keep kids  entertained and playing together while parents socialized. Asked to make a creation with their packs (working independently or in teams), prizes would be distributed to different age groups.

From frogs to glasses, dinosaurs, stick people, and even the  Olympic rings, even the youngest kids were getting in on the action. Halfway  through the evening, kids were called to the front of the room and proudly  displayed their works of art to the masses. Voting by hand and with more than one tie, winners received small awards for their efforts.

Fun ideas for kids with Wikki StixA mess-free and novel way to pass time in a booth, waiting  room, or airplane travel, Wikki Stix are portable, lightweight, and affordable. With the Travel Fun Pak accompanying us on our road trips, we’ve managed to  string a rope chain the entire length of our minivan. Knowing the product won’t  melt or contribute to the sticky wonders of the back seat,we hope to add more  Wikki Stix to our collection as we dine along the open road.

About our Guest Blogger:
Julie Henning is the Feed Me and Geocaching editor of the online  travel magazine Road Trips for Families. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and three kids and loves to hit the open road any chance she can get. Visit Road Trip for Families on the web at follow on Twitter and Facebook.