The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Playful Learning  and Crafts for Kids!

Fall offers many opportunities for creating, playing, and learning with Wikki Stix. We’ve gathered the BEST of Wikki Stix fall resources into one easy reference just for YOU! We hope your children will enjoy many hours of playful learning and creating with Wikki Stix this fall!

Best of Wikki Stix Fall Literacy

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Literacy Activities for Kids!
5 Little Pumpkins – an original poem to use with Wikki Stix created stick puppet pumpkins
5 Little Acorns – an original poem to use with numbered acorns
5 Little Ghosts – an original “non-scary” poem for Halloween
5 Little Turkeys – an original poem to use with numbered Wikki Stix turkey stick puppets

Apple and Worm Positional Words – use a paper cut-out apple and green Wikki Stix for the “worms” – invite the children to place the Wikki Stix worms in various positions: over/above the apple, under, to the right of/left of, beside the apple, on the apple, in back of the apple, etc.

Harvest Riddles for Kids
Pumpkin Pre-Writing Paths with Wikki Stix for Young Kids
Apple Pre-Writing Path with Wikki Stix for Young Kids

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Math for Kids!

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Math for Kids!
Apple Patterning with Wikki Stix created Apples – create Wikki Stix apples for basic patterning with young kids.
Fall Wikki Stix created Leaf Patterns – simple or more complex patterning with Wikki Stix created leaves.
Corny Math and Estimation Free Resources and Booklet – estimation and math practice with corn and Wikki Stix.
Pumpkin Teen Number Free Counting Mats – free printable teen number mats for 1-to-1 Correspondence.
Candy Corn and Wikki Stix Counting Sticks – created candy corn counting sticks are a fun way to incorporate math and seasonal activities.
Acorn Free Printable Counting Mats – free printable mats with a fall acorn theme.
Pilgrim Counting Sticks – free printable hat toppers – print the pilgrim hats for counting practice with a seasonal flair.

Best of Fall Science Collage here

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Science for Kids!

Pumpkin and Spice Sensory Science Experiment – sensory science is powerful for kids – try the experiment to spice up playful learning this fall.
Apple Life Cycle – a Wikki Stix created paper plate learning craft for kids.
Wikki Stix Part of a Plant Free Lesson Plan – an entire lesson plan that is free to print and use.
Wikki Stix Pumpkin Life Cycle and Printable Booklet – free printable mini booklet to accompany a created paper plate craft for seasonal science.
Wikki Stix Sugar Sensory Apple Paintings –an apple sensory painting activity and experiment for kids.
Corn Life Cycle Craft for Kids – come learn about how a corn stalk grows with a Wikki Stix created life cycle craft.
Pumpkin Estimation and Free Lesson Plan – free pumpkin estimation book for use with Wikki stix

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Playful Learning  and Crafts for Kids!

Wikki Stix Apple Button Crafts – using Wikki Stix for button crafts is a mess-free way to create.
Wikki Stix Harvest Tractor Craft – a painted footprint and Wikki Stix make a great fall keepsake.
Wikki Stix Handprint Fall Tree Craft – save a child’s handprint and make a great seasonal craft.
Wikki Stix Paper Plate Scarecrow – come learn about emotions with a free scarecrow lesson plan and craft.
Wikki Stix Indian Corn Craft – beautiful harvest display craft for kids to create.
Wikki Stix Handprint Apple Tree Craft – Wikki Stix handprint crafts encourage fine motor skills in kids of all ages.
Wikki Stix Sunflower Craft – sunflower crafts are easy for kids to make and take (or keep)!
Wikki Stix Harvest Moon Silhouette Craft – welcome fall with a harvest moon craft just for kids.
Wikki Stix Football Lacing Craft – Wikki Stix makes lacing a breeze – print the football and try it out!
Wikki Stix Mosaic Leaves Craft – use Wikki Stix to create a sensory mosaic leaf craft this fall.
Wikki Stix Cow Craft – Farm Theme – a simple paper plate farm craft to make.
Wikki Stix Pilgrim Food Craft – the Pilgrim cheese stick crafts are great for Thanksgiving parties at home or in the classroom!
Wikki Stix Haunted House Craft – a “not-so-scary” Halloween craft for kids of all ages.