Thanksgiving is a great time to gather with friends, enjoy delicious food, and relax, while giving thanks for blessings.  While teens and adults usually share in meal preparations and planning, kids often feel left out of the holiday process.  Help kids engage in Thanksgiving festivities with Wikki Stix Miniature Pumpkin Turkey Crafts!  The turkey crafts are fun to make, yet simple enough for younger kids to create, too.

Thanksgiving Miniature Pumpkin Turkey Craft for Kids!

Wikki Stix Thanksgiving Miniature Pumpkin Turkey Craft for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • Brown Wikki Stix
  • Orange Wikki Stix
  • Red Wikki Stix
  • Yellow Wikki Stix
  • White Wikki Stix
  • Black Wikki Stix
  • Brown Wikki Stix
  • One Miniature Pumpkin per craft
  • Scissors

Directions to create the Turkey’s Body and Feet:

  • Invite kids to create a teardrop shape from one brown Wikki Stix. Kids can then fill-in the shape with additional brown Wikki Stix. The teardrop shape will become the turkey’s head.
  • The turkey’s beak is created from one orange Wikki Stix shaped into a triangle. Press the beak firmly on the created turkey head.
  • The turkey’s wattle (red, fleshy part by the turkey’s beak/neck) is created with one red Wikki Stix, folded in half, and then attached to the turkey’s beak.
  • The turkey’s eyes are created with cut pieces of white and black Wikki Stix (formed into small spirals or ball shapes).
  • The turkey’s feet are created with two yellow Wikki Stix. Kids can form 3 “claws” from each yellow Wikki Stix.

Directions to create the Turkey’s Feathers:

  • Each of the turkey’s feathers are created with one single color of Wikki Stix. Kids should form a teardrop shape from each Wikki Stix.  After the teardrop is made, pinch the top of the shape and press downward (toward the ends of the teardrop – see Wikki Stix Turkey Feathers photo for a visual).
  • Kids can create as many turkey feathers as desired for their own craft.
  • Press all of the created feathers together at the ends (creating a fan shape with the feathers).
  • Press the Wikki Stix created turkey head to the stem portion of a miniature pumpkin.
  • The created turkey feathers are pressed behind the turkey’s head.
  • Press the Wikki Stix created turkey feet near the bottom of the miniature pumpkin (pointing up toward the turkey’s head).

The miniature pumpkin turkeys make great centerpieces or place card holders for the Thanksgiving table.  Kids can cut rectangles from construction paper, label with names, and attach the place card directly onto the Wikki Stix turkey’s feathers.

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Miniature Pumpkin Turkey Craft

Miniature Pumpkin Turkey Craft

Create the Turkey’s Feathers and Feet

Create the Turkey’s Feathers and Feet.

Create as many turkey feathers as desired.

Create as many turkey feathers as desired.