Sunflowers are majestic and beautiful plants!

The activities below use Wikki Stix for playful learning at home or in the classroom! Come explore and create the sunflower’s life cycle, practice counting with sunflower seeds, and create a 3-D sunflower craft this summer!

Wikki Stix Sunflower Life Cycle and Crafts for Kids!
Wikki Stix Sunflower Life Cycle Paper Plate Craft

Materials needed: 1 Paper plate per child/life cycle craft, Yellow, Black, Orange, and Green Wikki Stix, scissors, sunflower seeds, and a marker or the printable (linked here) for labeling the craft.

Explain and discuss with the children the growth of a sunflower from seeds to a mature flower that contains more seeds. Remind the children that a life cycle repeats itself over and over again. Have the children divide the paper plate into four sections using Wikki Stix (as shown in photo above).

  1. The life cycle begins in the upper left corner. Have the children cut small pieces of Wikki Stix with scissors and place the sunflower seeds on top of the Wikki Stix inside that section. No glue is necessary as the seeds will adhere to the Wikki Stix.
  2. In the upper right corner of the paper plate, the children can make a small sprout using the green Wikki Stix.
  3. The lower right corner of the plate should contain a young plant. Have the children make make a larger green stem and leaves to resemble the young sunflower.
  4. To complete the life cycle, the children can make a flower with the seeds in the lower left hand corner of the plate.

The children can use markers to label their SUNFLOWER LIFE CYCLE or they can cut the labels from the printable above. The labels will adhere directly to the Wikki Stix without the need for glue.

Sunflower Seed Counting for Kids
Sunflower Counting Stix
Download Sunflower Counting Stix Labels PDF Here
Download the Sunflower Counting Stix Toppers PDF Here

Materials needed: Green Wikki Stix, scissors, sunflower counting labels (linked above), and sunflower seeds.

Print the sunflower counting stix toppers, laminate for durability, and cut out. Invite the children to create any number with Wikki Stix and place it on the sunflower topper. The flower toppers can then be adhered to one Wikki Stix strand. Invite the children to count out the number of sunflower seeds that corresponds to the number created on the topper.

Have the children stick the sunflower seeds directly on the Wikki Stix stem. The Wikki Stix will hold the sunflower seeds as the children practice counting. It is a great 1-to-1 Correspondence activity for young kids!

Extensions: Label the toppers with uppercase letters and the matching lowercase letters. The children can practice matching the uppercase to its corresponding lowercase letter. The toppers can also be used with sight words, word families, blends, or other words the children may be working on.

For older children: Have the children ADD or MULTIPLY two of the Wikki Stix numbered toppers to find the total. The children can then create the problem with Wikki Stix (ex: 4 + 4 = 8).

Sunflower Craft for Kids
Wikki Stix Sunflower Craft

Materials needed: Yellow, Orange, Green, and Black Wikki Stix, scissors, and sunflower seeds.

Invite the children to create by placing all the supplies out on a table or a tray. The orange and yellow Wikki Stix should be cut in half (younger children may need assistance).

To make the sunflower petals: fold ½ of a yellow or orange Wikki Stix over (leaving an opening) and pinch the bottom ends together. The children can pinch the top of the petal to form a point (see photo above).

To make the stem: twist 3 green Wikki Stix strands together. By twisting the Wikki Stix it will create the textured sunflower stem.

To form the center: make a black spiral by wrapping black Wikki Stix around itself. To make the center larger, continue wrapping black Wikki Stix in a spiral until the desired circle is made.

Seeds: press sunflower seeds onto the black center. The seeds will adhere to the Wikki Stix so no glue will be necessary. The sunflower seeds can also be made from white Wikki Stix if desired.

The Wikki Stix Sunflower activities are a great way to integrate fine motor skills into playful learning! The crafts are not only FUN to create, but they make wonderful summer displays at home or in the classroom!