Journaling with kids is an awesome way to get kids thinking, creating, and organizing thoughts over summer break. For kids that are reluctant writers (or too young to write), making a creative picture journal is a FUN way to chronicle summer events! Gather your Wikki Stix and invite your own kids to create summer journal pages to highlight vacations, road trips, special holidays, or even daily play with family and friends!

Get Creative with Summer Picture Journaling for Kids!

Wikki Stix Creative Summer Picture Journaling for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • White paper
  • Assorted Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Binder and a 3-hole punch
  • Laminating Supplies or Clear Contact Paper

Prior to Picture Journaling:  laminate several pages of white paper and 3-hole punch each page.  As the kids create, each page can then be added to the summer binder.

Summer picture journaling is a powerful storytelling and hands-on communication tool for kids!  Wikki Stix are pliable, mess-free, and mistake-free.  There is no wrong or right way to create with Wikki Stix – if kids desire to create something different, Wikki Stix can easily be lifted from the journal page.  Traditional journals often involve a creative prompt:  the prompt can be child-led or parent-assisted.   To invite your kids to creative picture journaling with Wikki Stix, ask a few of the following questions:

  • What is your favorite activity in the summertime?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world today, where would you go?
  • What will you do on the FIRST day of summer vacation?
  • Can you create what you see when looking out the window of the house, at day camp, or while in the car?
  • How do you FEEL now that summer break is here?
  • What’s your favorite summer food(s)?
  • Can you create your perfect summer day at the beach?

As kids gain confidence in creating picture journals, they will begin to develop their own creating prompts to design journal pages that can be shared through storytelling.

Picture journals with Wikki Stix can also be created around summer themes.  A few examples to try with Wikki Stix, might include:

  • Camp Experiences
  • Road Trips
  • Summer Vacations
  • Nature Study (Flowers, Trees, Animals, Water)
  • The Night Sky
  • Zoo Animals
  • Outside Play
  • Pets and People
  • Family and Friends
  • Ocean or Beach
  • Patriotic Holidays
  • Weekend Events

Even younger kids can join in the fun of summer picture journaling.  Easy ideas to spur creativity for younger kids might include:

  • Create yourself or another family member.
  • Create your favorite flower.
  • Make a picture that shows your mood today.
  • Make a picture of your favorite toys.
  • Create what you see outside.
  • Create where you played today.

Creating picture journals will allow kids to express themselves, communicate thoughts and feelings, and make summer memories come alive with Wikki Stix!

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