Savoring daily summertime moments is fun (and easy) for kids with simple paper bag picture journals. The journals can be made weekly to help kids remember special moments with family and friends. The free journal prompts will help get creativity flowing for kids of all ages. The paper bag journals combine literacy, creativity, fine motor skills, and play for a summertime of hand-crafted memories.

Summer Paper Bag Picture Journals for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Free Journal Prompts – download here
  • 4 lunch-size paper bags
  • Hole Punch

Invite kids to make the Wikki Stix picture journals by arranging an area where they can create. Supplies can be set out on a table or on individual trays/cookie sheets. Kids will naturally be drawn to the activity and curious about how to use the supplies.


  1. Fold 4 paper bags in half and punch three holes on the folded edge (to bind the journal). Note: if using a hand-held hole punch, do two bags at a time and mark holes to punch through the second two paper bags.
  2. Thread one Wikki Stix through each of the three holes and twist closed to bind the journal (see photo below).
  3. Print the free journal prompts for kids to cut out.
  4. Kids can cut small pieces of Wikki Stix to adhere each of the journal prompts (including the cover page) to the created paper bag books.
  5. The prompts will serve as a guide to get creativity flowing for items kids can create with Wikki Stix. Kids can write on the journal prompt paper squares, and then choose one or more corresponding items to create with Wikki Stix on the opposite side of the journal. For additional journal prompts to use with Wikki Stix, try some of the following ideas:

Ideas for Created Paper Bag Picture Journals

  • Create a pet you own or would like to have with Wikki Stix on a journal page.
  • Create a tree, flower, or nature item you saw outside this week.
  • Make a picture of yourself with Wikki Stix.
  • Look outside and create something you see with Wikki Stix in the journal.
  • What activity would you like to try this summer that you haven’t so far? Create a picture with Wikki Stix in the journal to remember it.

Kids will have fun creating their paper bag journals and “reading” to family and friends. Make a new journal each week with different journal prompts to encourage kids to create and play all summer long.