“Are we there yet?” “There’s nothing to do!” We’ve all heard them all too often on vacation. Wikki Stix to the rescue!

Introducing the Wikki Stix Travel Fun Kit… a super buy at just $4.95!
Travel Fun Kit
The components include 24 Wikki Stix, and an 8-page booklet of travel- related activities….plus a lightweight playboard. This is small and easy for Mom to tuck into her purse, tote or carry-on, and provides lots of creative play to entertain kids in the car or on the plane.

For rainy days when the beach is out of the question, Wikki Stix Rainy Day Play to the rescue.
Rainy Day Fun
Providing 96 Wikki Stix, and myriad activities for hours and hours of creative play this is not only great on rainy days, but also for those down-times in a hotel room, or just when kids are bored and restless. Retails at just $14.95

And one last item to have on hand for travel sanity, is Wikki Stix for Every Day Fun!
Every Day Fun with Wikki Stix, fun crafts for kids!
Similar to the Travel Fun Kit, it offers 24 Wikki Stix, an 8-page booklet and lightweight playboard, and also retails for just $4.95.

If you are not familiar with Wikki Stix….they simply stick! No glue, no paste, no preparation, and no clean-up….which makes them ideal for travel. They adhere to each other and most smooth surfaces with just fingertip pressure, and are easy to peel up and re-position, so “mistakes” virtually disappear. And, because they are soft and pliable, they are easy for very young fingers to enjoy.

Shape! Stick! Play! It’s that easy. No Batteries! No On/Off Switch! And kids use more than their thumbs! They use imagination, creativity and analytical building skills.