It’s SUMMER! School is out for summer break and parents are trying to manage work schedules, kids’ summer schedules, and household tasks while finding a way to limit daily screen-time. Encourage kids to DISCONNECT from TECH and use their imaginations with FUN, easy, and stress-free summer activities with Wikki Stix!

Stress-Free Summer Activities for Kids!

Disconnect from Tech with Stress-Free Summer Activities for Kids!

Wikki Stix are strands of wax-infused yarn that never dry out or require prep time for creative PLAY!  With Wikki Stix and your child’s imagination, creative summer play is mess-free, stress-free, and FUN!  Try some of the simple PLAY suggestions below with Wikki Stix:

  • Wikki Stix Creations – have the kids look around the house or in the backyard. What things can your own kids create with Wikki Stix?  Examples might include:  houses, trees, birds, bees, pets, ladybugs or other insects, stop signs, street lights, bicycles, siblings, or even Mom and Dad!
  • Puppets and Play – create a shoe-box diorama with Wikki Stix or make popsicle stick puppets with Wikki Stix and put on a puppet show for adults or other kids in the neighborhood. Brainstorm a theme (castles, fairy tales, ocean, or beach) to help inspire kids to get started on a creative adventure!
  • Wikki Stix Characters and Cuffs – create awesome 3-D cartoon characters, storybook characters, or make Super-hero cuffs from Wikki Stix and cardboard tubes for pretend play – cut the cardboard tube in ½ lengthwise and decorate with Wikki Stix. Make a special Super-hero cuff for Dad to wear on Father’s Day!
  • Wikki Stix Masks – make paper plate masks: cut a paper plate in half and cut holes for the eyes.  Kids can use their imaginations to decorate the mask anyway they wish with Wikki Stix!  Use Wikki Stix to attach a craft stick to the bottom of the plate for an awesome “masquerade” type play mask.
  • Wikki Stix Jewelry – make bracelets, bands, or rings with BLING! With Wikki Stix, kids can create on their own! Thread pony beads onto the Wikki Stix strands, braid the strands, and form Wikki Stix into jewelry to dazzle friends and family!
  • Tiny Tots Poking Play – do you have younger kids? Clean a parmesan cheese container (the kind with holes in the top) and cut 10-20 Wikki Stix in half.  Invite the kids to poke the Wikki Stix through the holes.  When finished, dump them out and try again.  The poking game is great play when parents need a stress-free activity to keep tiny tots busy!
  • Created Leaf and Rock Critters – kids can collect leaves and/or rocks outside and use their imaginations to create pretend play nature critters with Wikki Stix.
  • Create Flags or Decorations – kids can create awesome decorations for summer birthdays, BBQ’s, or the 4th of July with Wikki Stix!
  • Wikki Stix Cupcake Liner Animal Crafts – set out cupcake liners and Wikki Stix for hours of animal creation FUN! Cows, Crabs, and even Cockatoos come alive with Wikki Stix!

Stress-Free Summer GAMES to Create with Wikki Stix!

With Wikki Stix and a little creative imagination, kids can create their own games for summer FUN!

  • Marble Runs – create a cereal box marble run: cut out one side panel of a cereal box (leaving the sides intact).  Create paths with Wikki Stix and watch the marble go!  Hint:  build up the Wikki Stix path by laying additional Wikki Stix on top of the initial line paths so the marble doesn’t jump the path. See the video here!
  • Tic-Tac-Toe – create a game with a Wikki Stix lined-square and boxes. Cut smaller pieces of Wikki Stix for the X’s and O’s.  Challenge family and friends to PLAY!
  • I-Spy Camping Scavenger Hunt – print the camping item page and invite kids to use their imaginations and creativity to create the items on the page. Have one child hide each of the created Wikki Stix items around the house or outside for a small item scavenger hunt!  Be sure to mark off the items found at the end of the hunt!
  • Car Games – keep kids engaged and busy while on the go! Try the Wikki Stix car games to encourage kids to put down phones and tablets for creative and imaginative play while on the road!
Stress-Free Summer GAMES to Create with Wikki Stix!

Wikki Stix Educational Ideas for Playful Learning All Summer Long!

With Wikki Stix, playful learning can be FUN all summer long!   Encourage kids to create and keep skills current this summer through PLAY!

  • READ! Encourage literacy this summer by sequencing the events of a story or with Wikki Stix reading comprehension tips!
  • Learn About Shapes through Critical Thinking – try open-ended shape activities or a shapes construction challenge this summer!
  • Learn Letters and Sight Words – creating letters in names or basic words with Wikki Stix will provide the tactile sensory layer to encourage learning through creative play!
  • Encourage Math Skills and Number Sense with Wikki Stix – try a roll the die and create a Wikki Stix ice cream cone math game: print the ice cream cone math file here.  Kids can roll one die and create the cone or scoops with Wikki Stix colors that correspond to the number rolled.
  • Try 10 Math Activities that are FUN, but encourage creativity and playful learning!

Helping kids DISCONNECT from TECH is easy with Wikki Stix!  For a summer of stress-free and creative play that encourages kids’ imaginations, invite kids to turn off the TV, put down the phones and tablets, and come CREATE with Wikki Stix!

Wikki Stix Educational Ideas for Playful Learning All Summer Long!

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