There are few things that inspire a sense of awe like the beauty of butterflies and the majestic craftsmanship of stained glass. Come explore lines and colors through the creation of a beautiful stained glass butterfly craft for kids!  The butterflies are FUN fine motor crafts to create and display afterschool or while kids are on spring or summer break!

Stained Glass Inspired Butterfly Crafts for Kids!

Stained Glass Inspired Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Background Information for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers:  the history of stained glass and the use of leaded lines and colors by various artists is complex and interesting. Helping kids explore the basics of stained glass will encourage knowledge of how individual creative expression is relevant and connected to their own everyday world.

Stained Glass is made from fusing raw materials such as sand, soda, and lime, or lead oxide. The colors produced in stained glass are made from adding certain metallic oxides – colbalt is used to make blue glass while gold is used to make red glass.  Most high quality red glass is more expensive because of the addition of gold to create the red glass color.  The colored glass is then held together with lead that is soldered at the joints to produce beautiful stained glass products and window displays.

Invite the kids to explore the use of black lines and colors through the creation of their own stained glass inspired butterfly craft!

Materials needed – Note:  All materials (except scissors) are found in the Wikki Stix Afterschool FUN Kit for your convenience!

  • One Butterfly Template – (the Afterschool FUN Kit comes complete with 15 Butterfly Templates).
  • Black Wikki Stix and assorted colors of Wikki Stix – (the Afterschool FUN Kit comes with 329 Wikki Stix of assorted colors that can be used over and over for various projects and activities).
  • Scissors – (Wikki Stix is easily cut with safety scissors so young kids can create, too).

Set out all of the supplies on a table or a large tray as an invitation for the kids to create!

Step 1:  the kids should outline and create symmetrical design patterns on the butterfly template (see photo).

Step 2:  have the kids choose the colors of Wikki Stix they wish to use on their butterfly craft.  Each black outlined section of the butterfly template can then be filled in with the individual colors.  Note:  have the kids trace inside the black outlined sections working from the outer outline to the center with each Wikki Stix color (see photo).

Step 3:  when all the individual sections are filled in with Wikki Stix, have the children fill in the butterfly’s body with Wikki Stix and create the antennae from additional Wikki Stix (press the antennae behind the butterfly craft).

The stained glass inspired butterfly crafts are great for enhancing fine motor skills and make beautiful spring or summer displays at home, at church, at camp, or in the classroom!

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Stained Glass Inspired Butterfly Template

Stained Glass Inspired Butterfly Template

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Fill in the individual sections with Wikki Stix colors.

Stained glass inspired butterfly crafts

Stained glass inspired butterfly crafts