With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, gather your Wikki Stix for some creative shamrock crafts with your own kids. The shamrock string art and leprechaun crafts will inspire your kids to create with Wikki Stix for a holiday of craft-making fun!

Wikki Stix St Patricks Day Shamrock Crafts for Kids

Wikki Stix can be used in so many ways to create crafts for special holidays. Wikki Stix is fun to create with, but encourages kids to develop fine motor skills as they design their own unique crafts. This St. Patrick’s Day, try the Wikki Stix shamrock string art and shamrock leprechaun crafts below.

Wikki Stix Shamrock Fine Motor String Art Craft for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock String Art for Kids

Materials needed:

  • Any colors of Wikki Stix (kids can use seasonal colors, if desired)
  • Free printable shamrock template (download and print here) – load shamrock template
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch


  • Print the shamrock template to heavy paper and cut the shamrock out.
  • Hole punch around the edges of the shamrock.
  • Choose any colors of Wikki Stix to thread from one hole to the next. Kids can randomly choose how to string their shamrock with Wikki Stix. Wikki Stix can be pressed behind the holes in the shamrock as Wikki Stix is tacky – Wikki Stix will adhere to the backside of the shamrock without tying the ends. No shamrock string art craft will be the same as kids decide what colors and holes to thread the Wikki Stix through.
  • If desired, kids can make a loop with Wikki Stix, and then press the loop firmly behind their finished creations to hang for a St. Patrick’s Day craft display.

Wikki Stix St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Leprechaun Craft for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Leprechaun Craft for Kids
Materials needed:

  • Green, Orange, White, and Black Wikki Stix
  • Scissors


  • Kids should make 3 heart shapes from green Wikki Stix. Note: 2 Wikki Stix will be needed to create each heart-shaped outline.
  • Kids should then use additional green Wikki Stix to fill-in each of the 3 hearts. Tip: begin by tracing the outline of heart with Wikki Stix and work toward the center to fill-in.
  • When finished creating each of the 3 hearts, kids can press the heart shapes together in a pattern to resemble a shamrock.
  • The stem for the shamrock can be created with just one or two green Wikki Stix, or kids might wish to make another design for the stem, too.
  • Kids can design a hat from black or green Wikki Stix to place on top of the created shamrock.
  • The eyes for the leprechaun are created with small, cut portions of white and black Wikki Stix formed into spirals or balls.
  • Kids can create the leprechaun’s eyebrows, beard, nose, and/or mouth for their craft with cut pieces of Wikki Stix – (see photo for suggestions).
  • Make a loop from an additional Wikki Stix to create a hanger for the shamrock leprechaun craft. Just press the loop behind the craft to display for St. Patrick’s Day.

Seasonal invitations to create and play with Wikki Stix crafts are fun for kids, but they encourage the growth of small muscles in the fingers, wrists, and hands, too. The St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock String Art and Leprechaun crafts will keep kids entertained, creating, and growing with Wikki Stix.

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