Wikki Stix St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities for Young Kids!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Wikki Stix is not only FUN, but the activities below will enhance many important skills through playful creation and learning!

Wikki Stix Fine Motor and Counting Trays


Materials needed:

  • Green and Orange Wikki Stix
  • Plain white paper or index cards
  • Scissors
  • Any seasonal item for counting (suggestions: plastic gold/green coins, green pompoms, seasonal candies, small painted rocks, bingo chips, miniature marshmallows, or flower arranging stones). **Note: please supervise children who still mouth objects closely when using small counters.

Set out all of the supplies on a large tray or plate to invite the children to play and create. To create the Wikki Stix shamrocks, have the children make 3 hearts from green Wikki Stix and arrange into a shamrock as shown in the photo above. The children can fold an additional green Wikki Stix in half to create the stem for the shamrock. Invite the children to create any number they have had introduced with orange Wikki Stix and place it on top of the shamrock (note – orange Wikki Stix can be cut with safety scissors, but younger children may need assistance or the numbers can be made prior to the activity).

Wikki Stix Shamrock Counting

When the Wikki Stix shamrocks are finished, have the children place the number of counters that correspond to the number on the shamrock below the craft. It is a fun craft for enhancing one-to-one correspondence through seasonal play!

Wikki Stix Shamrock Puzzles


Extension activity for mixed ages of children: Invite the older children to make the individual parts for the Wikki Stix shamrocks. Print a picture of the shamrock to see if younger children can create the shamrock from the various Wikki Stix shamrock parts.

Wikki Stix DIY Rubbing Plates


Rubbing plates are a magical way to enhance fine motor skills! With Wikki Stix, kids can create any shape, design, or character they wish for a homemade rubbing plate.

Materials needed:

  • Green Wikki Stix
  • White paper
  • Green Crayons (peeled)

Invite the children to create a simple Wikki Stix shamrock on white paper per the instructions given above. Cover the Wikki Stix created shamrock with a separate sheet of white paper. With a peeled green crayon, invite the children to lay the crayon on its side and gently rub across the paper. The image of the shamrock will appear as the crayon glides over the paper. It’s a simple, yet magical, activity that will enhance fine motor skills through play!
Extension Activity: invite the children to use a rainbow of crayon colors to make various shamrocks. Hole punch the top of the shamrocks and string with separate Wikki Stix for a seasonal display at home or in the classroom.

Wikki Stix Rainbow and Clouds


Materials needed:

  • Rainbow Colors of Wikki Stix
  • Cotton balls – 2 per craft

Creating a Wikki Stix rainbow is fun for a special St. Patrick’s Day or spring craft for kids. Invite the children to use all of the colors of Wikki Stix to make their rainbow craft. Simply bend the colors into an arched design as in the photo above. To finish the Wikki Stix rainbow, invite the children to stick two cotton balls to each end of their rainbow craft. To hang the rainbows, make a loop from one Wikki Stix and attach to the back of the craft.

Wikki Stix  Patterning Snakes


Materials needed:

  • Green and Yellow Wikki Stix (to make the snake)
  • Scissors
  • White and Black Wikki Stix (eyes of the snake)
  • Assorted Pony Beads for Patterning

To make the Wikki Stix Snakes: Invite the children to make a Wikki Stix spiral shape by wrapping one yellow Wikki Stix around itself in a tight pattern (this will form the head of the snake). Attach one green Wikki Stix behind the yellow snake’s head. The eyes for the snake can be made from small cut pieces of white/black Wikki Stix.

Patterning Activity: Invite the children to place pony beads onto the Wikki Stix to make a patterning snake for St. Patrick’s Day. This activity will help children to strengthen their fine motor skills as well as work on hand-eye coordination. Children can also work on creating patterns by making simple AB patterns with the beads. To make an AB pattern you will need two different colored pony beads. Children can then alternate pony bead colors on their Wikki Stix snake craft to complete the pattern. For younger children, start the pattern and they can finish the pattern chosen.

Older children can create the AB pattern on their own, or work on more complex patterns using two or more colors. Some examples might be an AAB (green, green, white), ABB (clear, green, green), AABB (green, green, white, white) or ABC (dark green, white, light green).

With a little preparation and Wikki Stix, kids can create simple St. Patrick’s Day crafts that will enhance many important skills through FUN and playful learning! For MORE ideas for playful learning with Wikki Stix, see the FREE lesson plans!