Spring Flower-Themed Counting and Pre-Writing Crafts for Preschoolers!

With spring upon us, flowers will soon be blooming in nature. Wikki Stix flower activities and crafts for preschoolers will help capture the excitement and encourage developing skills along the way! Gather your Wikki Stix and come play, create, and learn this season!

Wikki Stix Flowers Counting Craft for Preschoolers

Wikki Stix Flowers Counting Craft for Preschoolers

Materials needed:

  • 5 Wikki Stix (per flower)
  • Scissors
  • Small chocolate coated candies
  • Any mounting paper

Set out all of the supplies on a large tray or on the table to invite the children to play.

To create the flowers:

  • Cut three Wikki Stix in half. Fold each of the six halves and press the ends together to form a small loop. Each of the six halves will form six petals. Attach the ends of the loops in one central point to form the flower.
  • Behind the center of the flower, press an additional Wikki Stix strand to make the flower’s stem.
  • Cut one strand of Wikki Stix in half. One half of the Wikki Stix can be used to create any number the children have had introduced/are currently working on. The second half of the Wikki Stix can be pressed into a small ball for the center of the flower craft.
  • Invite the children to create several flowers and numbers. Press the flower crafts to the mounting paper and add the Wikki Stix created numbers on top of each flower (see photo above).

Counting Activities:
Have the children press the candies directly on the Wikki Stix stem. The Wikki Stix will hold the candies in place as the children practice counting. It is a great 1-to-1 Correspondence activity for young kids!

For older children: Have the children ADD or MULTIPLY two of the Wikki Stix created counting flowers together. The children can then create the problem with Wikki Stix (ex: 2 + 3 = 5). Wikki Stix is a wonderful manipulative for reinforcing counting as well as fine motor skills in kids of all ages.

Hint: Laminate the mounting paper (or cover with clear contact paper) and this activity can be reused with various counters throughout the year. Some suggestions for counters include: miniature marshmallows, real seeds, buttons, pompoms, or glass flower arranging stones.

NOTE: PLEASE always supervise children closely who still put objects in their mouth when using small manipulatives or counters.

Bee Fine Motor and Transfer Activity

Bee Pollination Counting and Transfer Practice Tray for Preschoolers!

  • Scissors
  • 1-2 empty cardboard tubes
  • Large Tray (or a table/mat) to contain the activity

To make the BEE craft: the body of the bee is created with 3 yellow Wikki Stix wrapped into a tight pinwheel (spiral). The head of the bee craft is created with one yellow Wikki Stix made into a pinwheel. Invite the children to cut 3-4 small black pieces of Wikki Stix to make the bee’s markings. The black antennae and eyes can be created with black Wikki Stix as shown in the photo above.

To create the FlOWER craft: the flower is created by folding six separate Wikki Stix in half (leaving a loop to resemble a petal) and pressing the six ends together at a central point. The center of the flower craft is made from four Wikki Stix wrapped around to form a tight pinwheel shape. Press one or two green Wikki Stix behind the created flower to make the stem. The pollen is created from small yellow pieces of Wikki Stix formed into ball. Make 10-15 small pollen balls and press them onto the center spiral of the flower.

To make the HONEYCOMBS: cut one cardboard tube into ½ in. pieces (horizontally across the tube). Fold each cardboard circle into a six-sided hexagon shape and set aside. For each of the hexagon shapes, invite the children to create any number with cut pieces of Wikki Stix. The Wikki Stix will stick to each of the cardboard hexagons.

Set the Wikki Stix bee, flower craft, and the numbered honeycombs out on a table, mat, or a large tray to use with the activity below.

COUNTING and TRANSFER ACTIVITY: Invite the children to hold the Wikki Stix bee craft and “visit” the flower. The children should pick up some of the pollen balls and press the balls onto the bee craft. The Wikki Stix pollen balls will stick to the bee to transfer them to the numbered honeycombs. The bee can then “fly” to transfer the corresponding number of pollen balls to each of the honeycombs.

Kids LOVE this learning activity and it is a great way to encourage fine motor, transferring, and counting skills through play!

Flower-themed Line Paths for Preschool

Spring Flower Pre-Writing Practice for Preschoolers!

Materials needed:

Creating line paths with Wikki Stix will encourage fine motor skills and directionality concepts that preschoolers need for formal writing.

Print the file above and laminate for durability, if desired. Invite the children to use Wikki Stix to trace and follow the line path from the LEFT side of the printable to the RIGHT side of the printable.

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