Wikki Stix have a wide variety of colors that are perfect for hands-on flower creation and play whether inside or outdoors!

Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

Easy Colorful Flower Crafts with Wikki Stix!

Materials needed:

  • Wikki Stix (green for the stems and assorted colors for the flower petals)
  • Scissors
  • Paper (White or Colored) Mounting Paper


  • Set out paper, Wikki Stix (green plus assorted colors), and scissors as an invitation for kids to create.
  • Kids can design flower pots, stems, leaves, and various colors of flowers with Wikki Stix. Kids may desire to make pinwheel shapes for the flower petals on the stems.
  • Two ways to create a pinwheel with Wikki Stix: 1) wrap one Wikki Stix into a tight spiral; 2) twist two Wikki Stix together and then wrap into a tight spiral. Both Wikki Stix pinwheel techniques create textured petals for beautiful flower designs.

Additional Activity Suggestions for the Wikki Stix Created Flowers:

  • Potted Flowers – invite kids to create Wikki Stix flowers and press the flowers inside of a small clay flower pot. Wikki Stix is tacky and will adhere to the clay pot without the need for tape or glue. Fill the flower pot with additional Wikki Stix or crumpled tissue paper. The small pots make great gifts for any occasion!
  • Tied Flower Bouquet – press the created flowers together at the stems. Use additional Wikki Stix to wrap the stems of the flowers in a flower bouquet.  Add a Wikki Stix created bow for a special gift to family or friends.
  • Paper Plate Flower Garden – cut a paper plate in half and staple the halves together. Fill the paper pocket with Wikki Stix created flowers for a beautiful paper plate flower garden craft to display.
  • Flower “Baskets” – decorate a small plastic cup with Wikki Stix. Place candies and created Wikki Stix spring flowers inside the cup for a simple flower basket for friends.

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