The Wikki Stix Emoji crafts are awesome crafts for kids to create, yet simple enough for younger kids to design independently. Come create with us and explore playful suggestions for using the Emoji crafts for learning throughout the year.

Wikki Stix Simple Emoji Crafts for Kids!

Wikki Stix Simple Emoji Crafts for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • Red Wikki Stix
  • 6 Yellow Wikki Stix
  • Black Wikki Stix
  • White Wikki Stix
  • Scissors


  • Each Emoji face is created with 6 yellow Wikki Stix. Wrap one yellow Wikki Stix into a tight pinwheel.  The additional 5 yellow Wikki Stix are then wrapped around the initial pinwheel, one at a time, to create the round yellow Emoji face.
  • Kids can create any of the Emoji facial features desired with black, red, and/or white Wikki Stix. Wikki Stix can easily be cut with scissors – the features will adhere to the yellow faces with fingertip pressure.  If kids have access to technology, show children the different emotions that can be created on the Emoji faces.  Younger kids may wish to create basic faces to indicate:  happy, mad, scared, or sad.

Activity suggestions for the Wikki Stix Emoji crafts:

  • Invite kids to share a story about an event. Have kids pick a created Emoji face to indicate how they felt during the event – (happy, sad, mad, surprised, scared, loved, etc.)
  • Read a story to your kids and ask them to hold up one of the created Emoji faces to indicate whether they liked the book or not.
  • Kids can design smaller Emoji crafts to use as part of a rebus story they create. Use the Wikki Stix Emoji faces to indicate emotion as they write their own story.  For instance:   I when Mom and Dad read stories to me.  Kids will gain vocabulary and reading comprehension skills as they create their own rebus stories with the Wikki Stix Emoji crafts.
  • Use one of the created Wikki Stix Emoji crafts as a writing prompt. For example:  have kids create a Wikki Stix love Emoji and write a story about when they felt loved.
  • Non-verbal kids can use the Wikki Stix Emoji crafts to indicate emotions. Make a loop with one Wikki Stix and press behind the Emoji crafts to use as a hanger for the craft.  The created crafts can be hung anywhere in the house or classroom to help children communicate how they feel.

Emoji crafts are simple to create with Wikki Stix! The Emoji faces can be used for hours of hands-on learning and play all year long!

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