For many kids, Halloween excitement ranks second only to that of Christmas! With parties and festivities right around the corner, the Wikki Stix Bat and Treat Holder Craft is FUN for kids to create. With just a few simple supplies, kids can make and take an awesome craft filled with delicious treats!

Simple Bat and Treat Holder Halloween Craft for Kids!

Wikki Stix Bat Craft for Kids!
Materials needed:

Prior to the craft: print the bat wing template to heavy paper – one template per craft or child.

Bat Wing Template
Step 1: Invite the children to create one bat wing at a time. Outline the template with black Wikki Stix as shown in the photo above.

Bat Wing Outline
Step 2: Fill-in the original Wikki Stix outline with additional black Wikki Stix until the bat wing is completely covered. Extra length of Wikki Stix can be cut off with scissors or pressed onto the created wings.

Gently lift the bat wing from the paper template and set aside. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create the second wing for the bat craft.

Bat Body
Step 3:
Wrap black Wikki Stix around each of the three craft sticks and press the sticks together, side-by-side, to form the body for the bat.

Bat Features
Step 4:
Create bat ears, eyes, mouth or other desired features for the bat with Wikki Stix.

Bat Assembly
Step 5:
Press the Wikki Stix created bat wings firmly behind the bat’s body.

 Bat and Treat Holder Craft for Kids
Step 6: Insert the craft sticks into a 5 oz. plastic or paper cup and press firmly to adhere the cup to the bat.

Step 7: Fill the cup with Halloween candies or small treats!

The bat craft and treat holder make a FUN and FESTIVE Halloween party activity! The kids can take the Wikki Stix bat home and re-use the Wikki Stix to create other “not so SPOOKY” creatures!

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