Wikki Stix Santa Crafts for Kids of All Ages!
With Wikki Stix, kids can create easy Santa crafts to give as gifts or to keep as ornaments for the Christmas tree. The crafts will provide hours of fine motor playful designing this holiday season! Gather your Wikki Stix and come create with us!



Materials needed: One Star template (download the PDF file here) per child, red/white/black Wikki Stix, and scissors.
Print the star template for each child. Invite the children to outline the star pattern with red Wikki Stix. To finish the star, have the children fill-in the star shape by continuing to follow along the initial star outline until the pattern is completely covered in red Wikki Stix. When the star is finished, invite the children to use one-half of a black Wikki Stix to create Santa’s boots. The children can create cuffs for the boots and arms from small white Wikki Stix pieces (see photo above).
Santa’s hat and eyes can be created with white Wikki Stix balls or spirals (have the children cut small black pieces for the centers of the eyes). The beard is created from one white Wikki Stix formed into a crescent shape.

Santa Suit crafts for Kids


Materials needed: One rectangle template (Download the PDF File Here) per child, red/black/yellow Wikki Stix, and scissors.

Invite the children to create by placing the template, scissors, and the 3 colors of Wikki Stix out on a table or a large tray. The children should outline the rectangle template in red Wikki Stix (following along the dotted lines). Invite the children to keep tracing the inside of the rectangle with red Wikki Stix until the rectangle is completely filled-in. The black belt is created by laying 3 black Wikki Stix across the red rectangle (cut off any black that remains on the end). Reminder: Wikki Stix can be cut with safety scissors, but younger children may need assistance. The yellow buckle for Santa’s belt is designed from a smaller rectangle made with one yellow Wikki Stix.
This Santa craft is a wonderful fine motor craft to strengthen developing finger muscles in preschoolers!

WS Cardboard Tube Santa


Materials needed: One empty cardboard tube (makes 2 Santa Crafts), Red/White/Blue Wikki Stix, and scissors.

Prior to making the Santa Craft: cut one cardboard tube in half and slightly round both ends (the ends will be the bottom of Santa’s chin). Note – one cardboard tube will make 2 Santa crafts.

Santa’s hat is created with a red Wikki Stix triangle and a white Wikki Stix ball. Have the children make any triangle shape with Wikki Stix (filling in the triangle completely) – slightly curve the top of the triangle to resemble Santa’s hat. Invite the kid’s to make a white ball from Wikki Stix to add to the end of the hat. Press the created hat onto the top of the cardboard tube (straight edge). If desired, the kids can add white Wikki Stix for the hat’s band.

Santa’s beard is created from cut pieces of white Wikki Stix. The children can press white pieces of Wikki Stix around the curved portion of the cardboard tube to resemble Santa’s beard (see photo above).

Santa’s eyes are made from white Wikki Stix balls with smaller blue Wikki Stix balls for centers. To finish the Santa craft, the children can form a red Wikki Stix ball for Santa’s “cherry nose!”

Craft Stick Santa


Materials needed: One large craft stick (per craft), scissors, and red/white/blue Wikki Stix.

Invite the children to completely wrap one large craft stick with strands of white Wikki Stix.

To make the Santa hat: The children can use red Wikki Stix to form a triangle. Invite the children to fill in the triangle with Wikki Stix (slightly curve the top of the triangle to resemble Santa’s hat). If desired, the children can make a ball or spiral of white Wikki Stix for the tip of the Santa hat. Press the created Santa hat onto the Wikki Stix covered craft stick.

Santa’s eyes are made from two Wikki Stix spirals with smaller cut blue pieces for the center. To make the nose, invite the children to wrap red Wikki Stix into a ball or small spiral. Press the created features on the craft stick; no glue is necessary as the Wikki Stix will adhere to the covered stick.

To make the mouth and beard: Have the children cut a small piece of red Wikki Stix to form Santa’s mouth on the craft stick. The beard is made of various cut lengths of the white Wikki Stix.

All of the Wikki Stix pieces will adhere to the craft stick when pressed firmly in place. An ornament hanger can be made from one Wikki Stix (folded in half and opened at the top to form a loop).

We hope your children enjoy creating (and learning) with the Wikki Stix Santa Crafts. The Santas make wonderful decorations on gifts, displays for home or in the classroom, ornaments for the tree, and gifts to family and friends this Christmas!

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