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Wikki Stix 3-D Creations

#1 Table Top Toy

What are they??? Are they safe?

Made of food-grade, non-toxic wax and hand-knitting yarn, Wikki Stix are soft, pliable and easy to use even for little fingers… and totally compliant with all government regulations. Recommended for ages 3 and up. And, for children with allergies, Wikki Stix are particularly good as they do not contain peanut or other nut oils or byproducts, nor do they contain latex, or gluten. Wikki Stix are wholly Made in the USA! And have been for 25 years.

Unit Description

The packet itself is a small poly bag with eight Wikki Stix in assorted colors and a two-sided activity sheet. The front has ideas and illustrations, plus a QR code for added fun. The back side has a connect-the-dot to be completed by pressing the Wikki Stix onto the paper. The unit is completely self-contained and easy to hand out. Officially known as Mini Play Paks, they are Item # 222 on our website (or click below).

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