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What are Wikki Stix?

Stress-free travel with kids begins with something CLEAN, Easy to use… and FUN! And that spells Wikki Stix! No preparation, no mess, no clean-up…Wikki Stix are fun strands of wax- infused yarn that the kids can play with from the get-go.

They stick to the paper and most smooth surfaces with just fingertip pressure, so it is fun and easy to make a picture. And, they stick to each other the same way for easy 3-D creativity. Simple line-art illustrations provide a great starting point… and the kids take off and use their imaginations from there. Wikki Stix are so engaging, you will be surprised at the level of QUIET in the car…on the plane…at Grandma’s.

P.S. No latex, no gluten, no nut or nut byproducts…just hand-knitting yarn and non-toxic food-grade wax…the kind you find in bubble gum and lipstick.

Wikki Stix, the award winning original!
Award Winning Activity Toy

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