Wikki Stix Reindeer Ornament Crafts for Kids!
On Donder, On Blizten…or is Santa’s Reindeer called Donner? Clement Clarke Moore is credited for changing the names of Santa’s last two reindeer in the 1844 printing of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Originally the reindeer were called Dunder and Blixem (Dutch for thunder and lightning). However you’d like to name the reindeer, kids will be anxiously looking for all the reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh this Christmas!

Invite your kids to create some special Christmas memories by making adorable Wikki Stix Reindeer Ornaments! The reindeer ornaments make great gifts for teachers and friends or to hang on the tree while waiting for Santa’s arrival!

Clothespin Reindeer

Wikki Stix Clothespin Reindeer Craft

Materials needed: 1 clothespin per craft, brown Wikki Stix, White/Black Wikki Stix, scissors, and a red pompom.

  • Invite the children to wrap brown Wikki Stix, one at a time, around the clothespin leaving just a part of the clothespin showing on the top/bottom.
  • The reindeer’s eyes are created from cut white Wikki Stix pieces formed into a ball or spiral. The children can cut small black pieces of Wikki Stix for the centers of the reindeer’s eyes.
  • To make the antlers: make a V shape from one brown Wikki Stix and adhere to the back of the clothespin. The children can make two additional (smaller) V shapes from brown Wikki Stix to adhere to finish the reindeer’s antlers (see photo above).
  • Finally, have the children add a red pompom to the end of the clothespin. The pompom will adhere to the brown Wikki Stix without the need for glue.

Candy Candy Reindeer Craft

Wikki Stix Candy Cane Ornament Craft for Kids

Materials needed: two candy canes (per craft), brown/white/black Wikki Stix, scissors, and a red pompom.

  • Invite the children to place two candy canes side by side with the curved pieces of the canes facing outward (see photo above).
  • The children can then wrap brown Wikki Stix, one at a time, around the candy canes to hold them together.
  • The reindeer’s eyes are created with small cut pieces white Wikki Stix balls with smaller black Wikki Stix balls for the centers.
  • Add a red pompom just below the reindeer’s eyes to resemble Rudolph’s nose (no glue will be needed as the pompom will adhere to the brown Wikki Stix).

Wikki Stix Reindeer Candy Ornament

Wikki Stix Reindeer Candy Ornament Craft

Materials needed: one clear plastic ornament (sold at dollar stores or craft stores), any kind of brown candies, brown/white/black/red Wikki Stix, scissors, and a red pompom.

  • Have the children place any brown candies inside the clear ornament (remove the hanger and replace when filled).
  • To make the antlers: invite the kids to make a V with brown Wikki Stix and press onto the ornament’s hanger. Smaller V shapes can be made from brown Wikki Stix and pressed onto the ends of the brown V shape (see photo above).
  • The reindeer’s eyes are created from small white Wikki Stix balls and small black centers.
  • Have the children cut a small piece of black Wikki Stix and form into a ball. The ball should be placed on the backside of the red pompom to adhere the reindeer’s nose to the ornament.
  • If desired, the children can thread Wikki Stix through the ornament’s top to create a hanger for the tree.

Cardboard Tube Reindeer
Wikki Stix Cardboard Tube Reindeer Craft
Materials needed: Red, white, black and brown Wikki Stix, scissors, and a cardboard tube (such as a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll cut into halves or thirds).

  • Invite the children to use a white Wikki Stix and create a spiraled (pinwheel) shaped pattern. This will be part of the reindeer’s eye. Repeat the process to create a second eye. Add a small piece of black Wikki Stix to complete the reindeer’s eyeball. Attach to the toilet paper tube near the top. Since the Wikki Stix are coated in wax, they will adhere to the cardboard tube (no glue is necessary).
  • Next, create antlers by twisting and bending several pieces of brown Wikki Stix. Place the created antler’s inside the tube (leaving some brown pieces sticking out slightly from the top).
  • Third, roll a red Wikki Stix into a ball and place just under the eyes to resemble the reindeer’s nose.
  • Finally, use a black Wikki Stix to create the reindeer’s mouth and to finish your Rudolph cardboard tube craft.

It is the season of excitement and blessed anticipation! We hope your children enjoy creating the Wikki Stix Reindeer crafts! For more Christmas Crafts with Wikki Stix, please see:
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