Quilling is an art technique usually accomplished with rolled pieces of paper. With Wikki Stix, kids can design and quill without the need for glue. Wikki Stix is tacky and will adhere to the mounting paper with just fingertip pressure. Invite your own kids to create beautiful Quilled Christmas Tree Crafts with Wikki Stix this holiday season.

Quilled Christmas Tree Craft for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • Green, Brown, and Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix
  • Construction Paper or other Heavy Weight Paper
  • Scissors

Prior to doing the quilled Christmas tree crafts with your kids, set out supplies on a table or large tray and invite kids to practice Wikki Stix quilled flourishes and other Wikki Stix quilling techniques.


  • Give each child a piece of heavy mounting paper.
  • Brainstorm ideas with your kids of how they can create a tree outline using long quilled flourishes with green Wikki Stix. Reminder: there is no wrong or right way to create with Wikki Stix. If kids wish to change the initial tree outline, just remove the Wikki Stix, reshape the design, and place where desired. The trunk for the Christmas tree can be created with brown Wikki Stix flourishes (see the photo of the Wikki Stix Quilled Christmas Tree outline below).
  • Once kids create the initial quilled Christmas tree outline, they can use other quilling techniques (or devise their own) to decorate their Christmas trees with assorted colors of Wikki Stix. Kids can create balls, spirals, braided spirals, twisted spirals, lines, double flourishes, and more with Wikki Stix.

Each of the Wikki Stix quilled Christmas trees will be unique to the age and ability of the individual child creating. As kids gain confidence with quilling, it will inspire creativity for other unique ideas for creating delightful Christmas trees with Wikki Stix.

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