Quilling is traditionally an art form accomplished with small pieces of rolled paper. Quilling with Wikki Stix creates beautiful arts and crafts while encouraging hand, wrist, and finger strength. The Quilled Butterfly Crafts require no glue or tape as Wikki Stix is tacky and will adhere to the butterfly template provided. Try some of the Wikki Stix quilling techniques (or create your own) to make amazing butterfly crafts this spring.

Quilled Butterfly Crafts with Wikki Stix

Quilled Butterfly Crafts with Wikki Stix!

Materials needed:

Prior to designing your Wikki Stix quilled butterfly craft, decide on a color scheme you’d like to use. Wikki Stix comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. The basic quilling techniques used in the butterfly craft are:

  • Simple Spirals – beginning at one end of a Wikki Stix strand, roll the Wikki Stix into loose or tight pinwheel shapes. The spirals can be made larger by adding more Wikki Stix as you reach the end or smaller by cutting the desired amount of Wikki Stix with scissors.
  • Double Spirals – create double spirals by rolling each end of Wikki Stix toward the center (you will have pinwheels that meet in the center. Wikki Stix can be twisted or braided together to create textured double spirals if desired. By turning one end of the double spiral outward (resembling a sea horse shape), the double spiral takes on a new look.
  • Tear Drops – create a basic tear drop shape with Wikki Stix and add smaller tear drop shapes inside the initial design.
  • For additional Wikki Stix quilling techniques, see here.

Directions for Quilling the Wikki Stix Butterfly Crafts:

  • Print the butterfly template to heavy paper (or create your own butterfly outline with Wikki Stix).
  • Decide what quilling techniques you’d like to use on the template – although Wikki Stix is tacky, it can be removed from the template and rearranged as desired.
  • Create your own color scheme and quilling techniques with Wikki Stix to make a unique and beautiful butterfly craft.
  • If desired, make a hanger for the butterfly craft when finished by pressing an additional Wikki Stix (formed into a loop) to the backside of the quilled craft.

The Wikki Stix Quilled Butterfly Crafts are perfect crafts for all ages. Seniors and kids alike will benefit from increased fine motor strength while creating amazing butterfly designs for spring displays.

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Basic Wikki Stix Quilling Techniques

Basic Wikki Stix Quilling Techniques

Wikki Stix Quilled Butterfly Craft

Wikki Stix Quilled Butterfly Craft!