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Wikki Stix provide school readiness with kindergarten learning activities. The fun, colorful, easy way to learn letters, numbers and shapes, Wikki Stix are mistake-proof which helps build self-confidence. Developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, Wikki Stix help with fine motor skills by providing an involved, tactile learning experience. Wikki Stix simply stick onto the cards with fingertip pressure… and are easy to peel up to make changes or corrections! 144 total Wikki Stix in the set!

The Preschool Learning Trio Includes:

Alphabet Cards:
Colorful individual cards are sturdy for repeated use, and have safe, rounded corners. Directional arrows show proper stroke for creating each letter. Cards also offer a fun illustration that begins with the featured letter. Cards can be laid out to spell words, too. Excellent for use in centers or stations in the classroom.

Numbers & Counting Set:
Learn numbers from 1 to 20 with directional arrows, on sturdy reusable cards. Each card features a unique representation of that number: 12 is represented by a dozen eggs! 4 is shown by the four legs of a chair! Also includes early education activities with counting and simple math concepts. 27 individual activity cards.

Basic Shapes Kit:
Ten individual shape cards with connect-the-dot activity to create the shape. Helps to reinforce numbers in sequence. Giant, colorful fold-out sheet shows ways shapes are combined to make the things we see all around us! Plus fun creative ways to combine shapes: 3 circles make a snowman!