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  • 468 Wikki Stix in 13 colors !!!Packaged in a flip-top box that’s fun to decorate and use for storage. Includes 12-page booklet of Arts & Crafts, seasonal fun, holiday activities...PLUS colorful project sheets for more creative Wikki fun!! Ideal for the classroom, as well... and perfect for class projects at home. All Wikkies are six-inch length. Made in the USA, Wikki Stix conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in schools. And...ideal for homeschooling. Enjoy the Big Count Box for summer fun... create virtual summer camp crafts at home! (Click here to see the craft ideas on our website) A summer's worth of fun...lots of fun with lots of Wikki Stix!
  • Classroom Paks: 6 Inch


    Classroom Paks (6 Inch):
    The Really Cool Tool for Teaching School!

    Wikki Stix Classroom Paks are available in a variety of colors, each with a 36 page Resource Manual. Each pak Includes original Wikki Stix in 6 inch length, 12 per strip.  Wikki Stix Resource Manual

    Perfect for classroom lessons or mess-free craft projects. A fun, interactive teaching and learning tool (ages 3 & up) that are easy to use. Re-usable, self stick, no glue, and no mess! Wikki Stix Educational Toys are safe, non-toxic and made in the USA! Wikki Stix conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in schools.

    Choose the Quantity:
    600 with 1 Resource Manual (item 60) -- $34.95
    1,200 with 1 Resource Manual (item 100) -- add: $24.55 ($59.50)

    Available Colors: Assorted, Neon, Primary and Earth tones (Earth tones are excellent for Multicultural activities)

  • 3 Best Sellers! The fun, colorful, easy way to learn letters, numbers and basic shapes! Mistake-proof Wikki Stix provide a tactile, involved learning experience that kids love ! This early learning trio is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, helping them to build a strong foundation for all future learning endeavors. Plus, using Wikki Stix addresses fine motor skills that assist when it’s time to use pencils and crayons. The Preschool Learning Trio Includes: Alphabet Cards: Colorful individual cards for learning letter formation with Wikki Stix. Lay the cards out to spell words. Ideal for the classroom, too, for use in centers or stations; an excellent instructional material. Creative Wikki illustrations on each card add to the fun! Includes 36 Wikki Stix. Basic Shapes Kit: Fun, hands-on way to learn basic shapes... in connect-the-dot form. Early learning that's designed to delight and entertain.
    • Ten individual shape cards
    • 72 Wikki Stix
    • Colorful giant fold-out sheet showing creative ways to combine shapes.
    • 2 extra workboards for added fun.
    Numbers & Counting Cards: Fun, colorful cards from 1 to 20 for learning number formation! Plus early education activities including counting, math concepts and simple shapes. 27 individual cards plus 36 Wikki Stix. Sturdy card-stock for repeated use. Can be laminated for use in classroom centers as a teaching tool. Perfect for teachers, parents, grandparents — anyone who is searching for ways to enhance their children's educational growth. Wikki Stix conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in schools. Safe, non-toxic and made in the USA since the inception in 1990!
  • A "must have" for the classroom!

    The Workboard Set includes 30 student boards (8" x 12" each) and one big board (12" x 16").
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