Wikki Stix craft ideas can be integrated into process art activities to encourage creativity and learning this summer!  The Wikki Stix Bubbled Name Activity for Kids is a FUN retro name craft for kids to create, but the activity is also an open-ended creative challenge designed to inspire kids to ask questions, to formulate ideas, and to seek solutions as they craft.


Wikki Stix Retro Bubble Names Activity for Kids

Background Information on Process Art and Crafting:

The MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) suggests “in process art, the means count for more than the ends.”  Process art is important as it allows kids the chance to use various materials, to explore individual creativity, to ask questions, and to see how things work in our world.  Crafts are also important to encourage good listening and/or reading skills, to explore sensory input with various crafting textures, and to develop fine motor strength and control.  The Wikki Stix Bubble Names activity will challenge kids to explore process art and crafting through hands-on creation and individual design.

Pre-Challenge Activity Suggestion: Children should ask an adult who lived in the 1970’s or 1980’s if they remember writing their names in a bubble-style.  Kids can print the photo above as an example, if desired.    It’s fun to see if parents and grandparents remember writing their names in bubbled letters.

Materials needed:

  • Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix (super Wikki Stix work well for this activity)
  • Scissors
  • White Paper
  • Assorted Colors of Watercolors in Cups
  • Assorted Painting Tools for the Kids to Explore – suggestions might include: paint brushes, paper towels, small sponges, squirt guns or spray bottles filled with liquid watercolors, or Q-tips.

Invite kids to create their own “bubble name” with Wikki Stix. Elementary kids will love designing their own name.  Each bubble name will be as individual as the child who is creating it.  For younger children without letter or name recognition skills, creating squiggly lines and shapes are important pre-writing skills.  A squiggly line or individual shape created from Wikki Stix just might become a letter, a name, a message, a self-portrait, or an entire STORY to a young child.  Allow kids to experiment with Wikki Stix and ask questions as they create.  You’ll be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity young kids gain through hands-on simple explorations.  When kids have completed the Wikki Stix bubbled name designs, they are ready to begin watercolor explorations.

The process art watercolor paintings can be completed indoors or outside.  Process art activities can be messy, so make sure clothing is protected with an old t-shirt or smock.  Clean-up is a breeze if there is an outdoor water source or disposable wipes for messy hands!

  • Set out assorted watercolors, white paper, and an assortment of painting tools for the kids to choose from to paint over the Wikki Stix letters and/or entire paper.
  • The kids will ask questions about how to complete the activity. Try to answer the questions with open-ended dialogue that will encourage them to explore the different watercolors and painting tools.  Each painting tool will leave a different texture on the paper.  It’s fun to watch kids make decisions and experiment to see what works best for their own design ideas.
  • When the kids are finished painting, gently lift the Wikki Stix from the painting to reveal the bubble letters and then let the paint dry thoroughly.

We hope your kids enjoy creating, playing, and exploring with Wikki Stix this summer!  For MORE ways to create with Wikki Stix this summer, please visit:

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