Pretend play has a strong link to social and emotional intelligence, language, inquiry and problem solving skills, creative expression, sequential thought processes, storytelling, and general nurturing skills for young kids. Playing with dolls helps young children to develop empathy and understand different roles in play with peers. Through pretend play, young children develop the ability to reach beyond their natural egocentric view to understand the feelings of others. Help your children create their own special dolls for pretend play with Wikki Stix. The dolls are easy to create for hours of playful learning and the development of important skills.

Pretend Play Created Dolls and Stick Puppets

Play Dolls and Stick Puppets

Steps to Create Wikki Stix Puppets

Pretend Play DIY Dolls

Wikki Stix Pretend Play Dolls and Stick Puppets

Materials needed:

  • Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Craft Sticks

To create a basic Wikki Stix Doll:

  • Step 1: Lay 10 Wikki Stix close together on a table. Take all 10 strands and fold in half (see photo).
  • Step 2: Twist approximately ¼ of the top to create a “head” for the doll.
  • Step 3: For pants, separate the bottom Wikki Stix in half and shape into legs/pants. For a dress, fan out the ends of the Wikki Stix at the bottom of the doll.
  • Step 4: Braid 3 Wikki Stix strands together. When finished, cut the braided Wikki Stix in half. Each half will then be used to form the arms for two dolls.
  • Step 5: Place half of the braided piece behind one of the created dolls. Position the braided arms of the doll as desired.
  • Step 6: Children can also create hair, facial features, or make accessories for their dolls from Wikki Stix.

The created dolls can be used as puppets by attaching a craft stick behind the doll. The Wikki Stix dolls also stand on their own when placed on a table or hard surface.

Suggested Ways to Play with the Wikki Stix Created Dolls:

  • Make a shoebox house with Wikki Stix created furniture.
  • Set up a puppet theater and retell favorite stories with Wikki Stix created characters.
  • Role-play safety scenarios with the stick puppets.
  • Make a cereal box house or village by covering empty cereal boxes with construction paper. Invite the kids to decorate the houses with Wikki Stix and use the dolls for dramatic play.

The kids can make an entire village of houses and storefronts.

Kids will have hours of fun creating and playing with the Wikki Stix dolls. Allowing time for creative expression and dramatic play will give kids opportunities to practice valuable skills as they learn and grow!

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