The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg is a timeless holiday classic for kids of all ages. Kids will love creating The Polar Express shape train craft with Wikki Stix. Parents will love the craft as it encourages fine motor skills and knowledge of shapes through hands-on play. Read the book and invite your own kids to an afternoon of creative shape train construction with Wikki Stix.

The Polar Express Craft for Kids

Read the story of The Polar Express prior to construction the Wikki Stix shape train craft. Kids delight in the story filled with the true spirit of Christmas. After reading, set out all the supplies below as an invitation to play and create with Wikki Stix.

Materials needed:

  • Red, Green, and Black Wikki Stix
  • One Free Printable Shape Train Template (print here).
  • Scissors


  • Print one copy of the shape train template for each child. Note: older kids may wish to create the shape train without a template, but younger kids often need a visual guide to begin playing and creating. If desired, the template can be laminated or covered with clear contact paper. Kids can then create the shape train directly on top of the printable template with red and green Wikki Stix. To create the train without a template, kids can follow the directions below:
  • Create the large rectangle for the train from green Wikki Stix. Lay two green Wikki Stix horizontally and then cut one green Wikki Stix in half for the sides of the rectangle (press the corners of the rectangle firmly together). Kids can then follow the initial rectangle outline with additional green Wikki Stix until the entire shape is completely filled in (see photo).
  • Each of the additional shapes for the train craft are created with green or red Wikki Stix. To make the red circle wheels, create the circle shape with one red Wikki Stix. Fill in the circle with additional red Wikki Stix (following the initial outline) until the shape is completely filled in. Kids should create two smaller red Wikki Stix rectangles and a green triangle to finish the shape train craft.
  • Billowing smoke for the train craft can be created by wrapping black Wikki Stix around a finger and then pressing the spiral firmly to the train.

The Polar Express shape train construction craft is a great holiday craft to encourage knowledge of shapes and build fine motor skills. The Wikki Stix shape train crafts make wonderful holiday classroom projects, kids’ party crafts, or a fun family afternoon of seasonal construction and play!

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Wikki Stix Polar Express Shape Train Craft

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