Pink Hippo Craft with Wikki Stix
Re-purposed items that might have been thrown away:

  • 2 broken crayons
  • 1 plastic Easter egg
  • Assorted bits and pieces of Wikki Stix

Items you need to create a Wikki Stix Pink HippoAdditional items that we used for this project:

How we did it:

  • To make the body of the Hippo, we started by wrapping the plastic egg with 1 layer of pink Wikkies,
    curling a Wikki at one end into a tail that sticks out and away from the body.
  • We then wrapped 4 equal sized pieces of crayon (1 crayon broken into 4 pieces) to make the 4 legs.
  • Then, with 2 equal pieces of crayon positioned side by side, (1 crayon broken in half) we wrapped the
    Wikki Stix around them, and into the shape of the Hippo’s head.
  • We shaped, from additional pieces of pink Wikki Stix, the ears and lower jaw and then applied them
    to the head.
  • Almost done, we used scraps of white, black and blue Wikki Stix to make the teeth, eyes, nose, toes
    and ears.
  • We then put the legs and head onto the body, and voilà!

We now have a Pink Hippo!